PETA Activist Arrested Protesting ‘Monkey Labor’

By Sharon Aron Baron

CORAL SPRINGS (Florida) TALK – A Coral Springs resident was arrested during a sit-in at a Whole Foods store in Washington, D.C., on June 14—which led to the store’s closing over the company’s sale of Thai coconut milk.

Wendy Fernandez, 35, mother of one and animal rights activist, found herself behind bars following a sit-in protest.

The demonstration, which resulted in the store’s temporary closure, aimed to draw attention to the sale of Thai coconut milk and its alleged connection to the inhumane treatment of monkeys.

Fernandez participated in the protest organized by Our Planet Theirs Too, an animal advocacy organization.

The impetus for the demonstration arose from revelations brought to light by PETA Asia investigations.

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According to PETA, monkeys are subjected to chains, beatings, and other forms of abuse to coerce them into harvesting coconuts.

Protestors chanted “Whole Foods, stop abusing monkeys!” while holding signs and occupying check-out counters for over an hour, amplifying their message to the store management and customers.

Following the demonstration, Fernandez and five others were arrested and charged with unlawful entry.

According to PETA, the Thai coconut industry snatches the monkeys from their natural habitats as infants and subjects them to harsh training … READ MORE 

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