People Have Had Enough of Fake “Service Animals”

Video recorded August 14, 2022 [EXTREME VULGARITY BEGINS AT. 1:02] (source: Reddit r/PublicFreakout) – 

Entitled woman with a "service dog" from PublicFreakout

Fake Service Dog Owners Described Perfectly 

“They’re perfectly healthy and just want an excuse to bring their pet with them everywhere they go. They ordered a service dog vest online, slapped it on their pooch, and now they’re sitting next to you at a restaurant while their untrained dog begs for your lunch.” – HEALTHLINE 

‘Service’ Pit Bull Attacks Security Officer in Public Library; Dog Ordered Euthanized

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San Francisco, CA – On January 16, 2022, Fidel Joshua, a Buildings and Ground Patrol Officer at the San Francisco Public Library was viciously attacked by an alleged “service” pit bull while attempting to check on the welfare of the dog’s owner, who was unresponsive and slumped over a desk.

During the attack, a co-worker strikes the dog with a ball pein hammer several times, breaking the hammer. Part of the attack was captured on camera and posted to Reddit.

On February 1, a Vicious and Dangerous Dog hearing was held regarding the pit bull “Dorje.” This was the second hearing for Dorje. In January of 2019, the dog attacked a man, biting him on the head, who was approaching a recycling bin where Dorje’s owner, Brendan Greene, was sleeping. Greene never woke up during the attack.

During that hearing, Greene agreed to never leave Dorje unattended in a public place again. Dorje was deemed not vicious or dangerous at that time.

Decision After Dorje’s 2022 Vicious and Dangerous Dog Hearing, San Francisco Public Library Attack: Findings

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1. This is Dorje’s second “Vicious and Dangerous Dog” hearing. On January 31, 2019, a prior hearing was held. Hearing Officer Vicky Guldbech issued a Statement of Decision dated February 4, 2019, in which she found that the evidence presented was sufficient to find that Dorje bit and caused injury to Eric Hartwell because Dorje was frightened and protective of Greene.

Hearing Officer Guldbech also found that the evidence presented was sufficient to show that Greene was no longer homeless. In conclusion, she found, “Since this incident, Mr. Green [sic] is now aware of this behavior and will not put Dorje in a situation like this again. I do believe this incident was an accident, but Mr. Green [sic] can never leave Dorje unattended in a public place again.” (Ex. 6: Statement of Decision, p. 2.) Dorje was deemed not vicious and dangerous.

2. On January 16, 2022, Brendan Greene was found unresponsive on the third floor of the San Francisco Public Library. His Pit Bull dog, Dorje, was not on leash or under his control. Dorje barked aggressively, for approximately 10 minutes. Adairell Roberson, a library security officer, grabbed a hammer for protection and responded to the third floor to wait for SFSO deputies with other library personnel.

Concerned Greene had overdosed, security officer Fidel Joshua grabbed a can of Narcan and responded to the third floor. Joshua slowly approached Greene with his arms to his side to do a welfare check and to see if Dorje was leashed. Dorje went underneath the table and lunged at Joshua’s neck. Joshua put his arm up to protect himself. Dorje bit his arm and pulled Joshua to the ground biting him multiple times on both arms. Roberson sprayed pepper spray on the dog, but it had no effect.

Dorje continued his sustained attack on Joshua while Joshua screamed. Roberson struck Dorje on the head multiple times to protect Joshua. The hammer broke on Dorje’s head. Dorje stopped the attack. Joshua was transported to the hospital with severe puncture wounds on both arms. Dorje’s attack was unprovoked.

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3. Greene was twice found unresponsive in public settings with Dorje at which time Dorje viciously attacked two adult men.

Therefore, Greene cannot adequately control his dog within the meaning of Article 1, Section 42.3(c)(ii) of the San Francisco Health Code. – Hearing Officer Janelle Caywood, Statement of Decision, February 16, 2022 …


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