Parents who still mask their kids

It's not fair to children ...

REAL CLEAR HEALTH – Everywhere I go, life has returned to normal.

Most people acknowledge that school closure was an error, and that restrictions placed on the lives of children served no purpose.

They all got covid anyway, and it is not clear the vaccine works in children in any meaningful way.

Moreover, restricting kids did not significantly slow the spread for anyone else, and the best evidence suggests no change in spread, or a marginal change in spread.

It was a mistake to not recognize the age of gradient of the virus, and approximately every restriction placed on healthy young people was an error.

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Yet, even in 2023, there are a few parents who still mask their children.

You see them at the playground. You see them at school. You see them in the grocery store. Sometimes the kids are wearing a ridiculous counterfeit children’s n95 mask.

Sometimes an even more ridiculous plastic flow mask. Often, a flimsy surgical mask.

These aren’t children undergoing chemotherapy, on permanent immunosuppression, or otherwise vulnerable …


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