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In a Fractious Rerun, GOP Rivals Haley and DeSantis Debate Health Care. Trump Sits It Out.

KFF Health News – The race to win the quickly approaching Iowa caucuses was the theme running through Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate hosted...

Amalija Knavs, Mother of Former First Lady Melania Trump, Dies at 78

A patternmaker from Slovenia, she and her husband became naturalized U.S. citizens with the help of their daughter and then a focal point in the debate around Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Trump: Illegal Immigration Is ‘Destroying Our Country’

THE EPOCH TIMES – Former President Donald Trump defended his comments on immigration, while his critics accused him of using Hitlerian language for saying...

DeSantis goes after Trump on abortion, COVID-19 and the border wall in an Iowa town hall

AP – Donald Trump "flip-flipped" on abortion, overreached in response to COVID-19 and failed to uphold his campaign pledge to get Mexico to pay...

Karma Catches Up With Trump-phobic Restauranter (Out Of Business)

WESTERN JOURNAL – A restaurant that made headlines  after its owner kicked out then-White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is closing its doors. The...

HEALTH SMACKDOWN: Trump, 77, Vs. Biden, 81

Biden's last physical in February 2023 produced a clean bill of health, but his physical and verbal stumbles continue to make national headlines ...

Trump’s plans if he returns to the White House | Part III

NEW YORK (AP) — The campaign of Former President Donald Trump and allied groups are assembling policy books with detailed plans. A look at his...

Trump’s plans if he returns to the White House | Part II

NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Donald Trump is dominating the race for the Republican nomination and has already laid out a sweeping set...

“A new Muslim ban” – Trump’s plans if he returns to the White House | Part I

Trump wants to reimpose his travel ban that originally targeted seven Muslim-majority countries and expand it to "keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the country."

“Trump too small” case goes to Supreme Court

The topic may seem somewhat lurid for the high court, but the justices have in recent years struck down various parts of the trademark law – called the Lanham Act.

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