OnlyFans model Daniella Hemsley flashes crowd to celebrate boxing win in wardrobe mishap

“I’m built different. You have no idea who is coming for you.” | PLUS: Surprising Benefits of Boxing For Women

NEW YORK POST – Model Daniella Hemsley had a little something special planned for the live tv audience after winning her first boxing match.

The plan went off the rails when Hemsley ripped off her bra where there were supposed to be tassels attached to her nipples — leading to her fully flashing the live audience after defeating Aleksandra Danielka in an exhibition bout at the KingPyn Boxing event in 3A Arena in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday night.

“I got approval from the promoter,” Hemsley claimed in an interview after the fight.

DAZN broadcasted the event over the weekend and no fines were announced and they did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment. Hemsley, 22, isn’t just a boxer … READ MORE. 

Daniella Hemsley | daniella.hemsley/Instagram


ELITE SPORTS – Boxing is often seen as a man’s sport for its aggressive and combative nature. However, a large number of women are seen entering the ring and competing.

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The reason behind this fact is that boxing is not only an exciting sport, rather that there is a long list of the benefits of boxing for women.

Women are always obsessed with looking slim and at their best. For this reason, they have been trying a variety of exercises in addition to starving diet plans.

Boxing has become a rising trend for women because it’s not only highly effective for physical conditioning but also has psychological benefits.

Why Women Should Learn Boxing?

Despite the rising number of women seen in the ring, some are still skeptical about picking up gloves.

However, there is a lot to gain from the sport of boxing. Here is a list of benefits to motivate all the women out there to train for boxing

Easy To Develop Passion

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Yeah, you are right, it’s very tiring and boring to run on a treadmill for prolonged periods. Similarly getting into weight training can also become unexciting if you are working out daily.

Boxing is an exciting sport. The euphoric feeling you get when your punches hit on the punching bag cannot be explained in words.

It’s easier to develop a passion for boxing as compared to other sports. There is no doubt that if you have a passion for something you can easily put your blood and sweat into it.

It’s not necessary that you train for competing in boxing championships, there are different things that you can try out in boxing.

Some women ought to think that boxing is not their type of sport because they have nothing to do with violence.

Boxing can never be related to violence. The professional boxers you see on screen, spar using their skills and experience keeping aside the emotions … read more. 

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