Officials Insist Vaccine Is Safe, Say Hank Aaron’s Death Was ‘Coincidental’

"My fear is people will act emotionally and not get vaccinated. My fear is that people misinterpret this and say, 'Aha, see the vaccine is dangerous,' when in fact there's no science data to support that hypothesis at all ... " – Dr. Walter A. Orenstein

About two weeks before his death on Friday at 86-years-old, baseball legend Hank Aaron received his first dose of the Moderna vaccine on January 5 during a widely publicized event.

Civil rights activist Andrew Young and others also received the vaccine.

At the time, Aaron spoke about wanting to reassure people and do his part to slow the virus’s spread.

“When you see Andy Young, myself and some of the other civil rights leaders, it makes you feel good,” the Hall of Famer told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution …

Following Aaron’s death, a number of conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers shared the Braves legend’s death as a warning about perceived dangers of the COVID vaccine.

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Children’s Health Defense, an organization that has shared other anti-vax propaganda, highlighted Aaron’s vaccination and indicated that a cause of death was not shared …

Despite some people’s skepticism, health officials and those who received the COVID vaccine with him said they hope that it doesn’t discourage people from getting vaccinated.

Noting that trials did not indicate that vaccines could be a cause of death, former director at the CDC’s immunization program and a professor at the Emory Vaccine Center, Dr. Walter A. Orenstein, told the AJC that he doesn’t want people to be afraid to get the vaccine.

Another health expert described the timing between the vaccination and Aaron’s death as “coincidental,” saying that these things can still happen within a close time frame to receiving the vaccine …

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UPDATE: At age 86, Aaron could simply have died of natural causes. In an official statement, the Atlanta Braves revealed that their legend had passed away in his sleep.

No other details on Aaron health’s or cause of death were disclosed.

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