Nursing Home Worker Claims To Have Killed 11 Elderly Trump Voters

“I am literally telling you f*ckers to die off”

Internet confession to letting 11 Trump supporters die sparks investigation and FBI outreach

| Jan 2, 2020 – Over the last few days, a screenshot of a private message (PM) from a Reddit user appearing to show them bragging about letting 11 elderly Trump supporters in a nursing home die while under their care has been circulating online.

Now healthcare staffing solutions company AMN Healthcare says they’re investigating an employee who is alleged to be the individual behind this Reddit account and the FBI has also been notified.

The PM, which has been attributed to the now-deleted Reddit account of LoveThisLife0101, (archive link) shows the user claiming to work in a retirement home and letting 11 “verified trump supporters” die.

The full PM reads:

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“Hey, I work in a retirement home and care for lots of trump supporters in their last days. I can tell you with certainty that 11 people (all verified trump supporters) could have been resuscitated/prevented from failing had I taken the appropriate measures.

I am literally letting you f***kers die off. These people vote like 100% of the time so it counts. Here is the really sick part. Everytime I come on The Donald [r/TheDonald] and see something that f***king disgusts me (e.g. “It’s OKay to be White” postings) I note it and then take it out on a trump supporter in the home I work at (for example I have loaded food with diuretics, withheld medicine and simple provided the incorrect medicine).

Look, I know I am a sick pup… but so are each of you. I just wanted to let you know what I do cause I saw your post from today and I chose to watch a person die in response.

I hate you and hope to care for your family soon.”

After screenshots of the PM started to gain traction online, savvy users of the online imageboard 4chan reportedly identified the Reddit user and notified the FBI … Read more. 

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