McDonald’s whacko slugs, pistol whips and shoots pinky off fellow diner in wild brawl over sauce: cops

PLUS: I Tried All Seven of McDonald's Dipping Sauces—And My Favorite One Surprised Me

NEW YORK POST – A deranged McDonald’s customer choked, slugged, pistol-whipped and shot off the pinky of another patron — all because he didn’t get sauce with his order, according to police.

Wesley Bullock, 48, was hit with aggravated battery and burglary after the wild fast-food feud in Zephyrhills, Florida last week, Fox affiliate WRBW-TV reported.

Bullock was so ticked off he didn’t get his sauce that he allegedly walked up to the drive-up window at the restaurant and began screaming at an employee on Tuesday — when the victim intervened and tried to calm him down, according to the outlet.

That’s when cops said he went off on the man, grabbing him by the throat, slugging him and getting into a brawl until McDonald’s staffers were able to break up the scuffle.

“Bullock allegedly got off one shot, which struck the victim’s pinky.”

But Bullock then followed the victim to a nearby Speedway gas station, where he cut off his car, got out and pointed a silver handgun at the man — only to have the weapon misfire.

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Undeterred, Bullock then allegedly pistol-whipped the victim and re-cocked the gun, with the two men getting into a life-and-death fight over the gun …

I Tried All Seven of McDonald’s Dipping Sauces—And My Favorite One Surprised Me

How I Tested McDonald’s Dipping Sauces

ALL RECIPES – I turned to the fast food giant’s current dipping sauce lineup–over the years, McDonald’s has offered a range of flavors, some for a limited time while others were discontinued (miss you, sweet chili sauce).

The sauce list now stood at seven varieties. I went to my local McDonald’s and ordered a big bag of McNuggets with all the sauces. The game was on.

7. Sweet ‘N Sour

A sweet and sour sauce needs to be two things: sweet and sour. It’s right there in the name. So why did this dipping sauce taste like a close cousin of apple sauce? Well, according to the ingredient list, it’s made with “apricot puree concentrate and/or peach puree concentrate” and “2% or less” or soy sauce. That explains why it was sweet and fruity, without any sour or acid to balance it out. Not only was the Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce not what it was supposed to taste like, it was downright unpleasant on a McNugget.

6. Honey

When I asked the cashier at McDonald’s to add one of every dipping sauce to my bag, I wasn’t expecting honey to be one of them. I’ll give McDonald’s credit: This was the only single-ingredient dipping sauce (“pure honey”) in the mix. I wanted to like the McNugget and honey combination more, but unfortunately it just tasted like a meal masquerading as dessert. This dipping sauce combo wanted to be chicken and waffles, but it wasn’t.

5. Hot Mustard

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Again, here was a dipping sauce that said it was one thing but showed up to the party dressed as something else. Shouldn’t hot mustard be…hot? This one tasted like any ole regular mustard. According to the ingredient list, the spiciest things in the mix were turmeric and paprika. The flavor wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t great. I recommend renaming this one “Spiced Mustard.”

4. Creamy Ranch

There are a lot of ranch haters out there, but I am not one of them. So I was surprised when McDonald’s Creamy Ranch Sauce didn’t do much for me. It was on the sweeter side and not very herby. If you want a creamy sauce to dip McNuggets into, this is your best option at McDonald’s, but you’re better off with a squirt from a bottle of salad dressing from your fridge door …

THAT LEAVES Honey Mustard, Tangy BBQ, AND Spicy Buffalo contending for the top spot … click here to see the winner! 


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