McDonald’s newest item for fall

McDonald’s Cheese Danish: more saturated fat than a burger, as many calories as three beers

CNN – McDonald’s newest item for fall doesn’t have pumpkin or maple flavors. Rather, it’s a nostalgic treat from more than three decades ago.

Beginning September 14, the chain is bringing back the cheese Danish, a flaky pastry filled with sweet cream cheese and topped with a buttery streusel and light vanilla drizzle.

McDonald’s said the limited-time offering is a “fresh take” on a similar pastry it briefly served in the 1980s.

It’s the latest example of a fast food giant tapping into nostalgia to excite customers. Pizza Hut recently turned back time, reintroducing its logo from the 1990s. McDonald’s frequently brings back the McRib. And Burger King briefly returned the Whopper to its original launch price.

The cheese Danish joins its McCafé bakery lineup, an assortment of baked goods it introduced in 2020 to help invigorate its once-sagging breakfast sales.

“A pandemic-driven menu overhaul at McDonald’s Corp. has eliminated more nutritious menu options such as grilled-chicken sandwiches and fruit and yogurt parfaits.” – Bloomberg, June 9, 2022

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Similar to its other bakery items, including an apple fritter, a blueberry muffin and a cinnamon roll, the cheese Danish is available all day … READ MORE. 

A McDonald’s Cheese Danish contains 390 calories, approximately equivalent to drinking three 12-oz. Budweisers. Other key nutrition facts: 

  • Each McDonald’s Cheese Danish contains 9g of Saturated Fat; that’s nearly half (46%) of the total daily value of saturated fat recommended for adults. Compare with a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder, which has 7g of Saturated Fat.
  • Each Danish contains 19g of Total Fat; that’s one-quarter (25%) of the total recommended daily value. It’s nearly identical to the 20g of Total Fat in a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder.
  • One Danish includes 24 grams of Total Sugars — that’s nearly six teaspoons of sugar..
  • The ingredients list for the McDonald’s Cheese Danish is 173 words long.
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