McDonald’s Is Facing Another Coffee-Related Lawsuit

The Latest Coffee-Related Lawsuit and its Details

YAHOO! – McDonald’s is enduring yet another coffee-related lawsuit.

As Insider reports, an Alabama woman has filed a $13 million lawsuit against the fast food chain after being was served a cup of coffee that contained harmful chemicals and resulted in damage to her throat and organs.

According to the woman, after she realized she had actually consumed chemicals and not a normal cup of coffee, McDonald’s employees refused to let her see the label on the chemical bottle.

They also allegedly refused to 911 on her behalf. The lawsuit also alleges that even after the woman called 911 by herself, the staff at the restaurant she visited wouldn’t let emergency responders see the bottle in question, either.

The Takeout writes that “while it has not yet been determined whether this woman will be awarded the damages she’s seeking from McDonald’s,” there’s precedent for the popular company to make “huge payouts” for drink-related mistakes.

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The lawsuit listed other instances of chemicals being found in McDonald’s “lattes, iced tea, hot chocolate, and soda,” the outlet points out.

How This Compares to the OG McDonald’s ‘Hot Coffee Lawsuit’

Fans will remember 1994’s infamous Liebeck v. McDonald’s, or the case in which 79-year-old Stella Liebeck purchased a cup of McDonald’s coffee at a drive-thru in Albuquerque, New Mexico and it spilled onto her lap.

She then sued McDonald’s and a jury awarded her with almost $3 million in punitive damages for the burns that she suffered … READ MORE. 

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