Local Health Officials Declare First Coronavirus Emergency in US

San Diego County declares local health emergency to aid coronavirus response – while simultaneously insisting public is not at risk |

Feb. 14, 2020

Los Angeles Times – Looking to increase funding for local quarantine operations connected to novel coronavirus, San Diego county public health officials declared health and local emergencies Friday afternoon.

The action, which must be ratified by the county supervisors on Feb. 19, is similar to one taken by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors on Feb. 3 and renewed for an additional 30 days on Feb. 10.

If approved, it would help the county seek state reimbursement for examining, testing and following up with people in the community who are at increased risk of corona infection and also make it easier to request help from other government agencies.

County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher emphasized that formally calling the current situation — one in which there is no evidence that the virus is spreading locally — an emergency does not mean anything has changed on the ground.

Today, the only two confirmed cases of novel coronavirus, which the medical community has taken to calling COVID-19, are two people who arrived in San Diego last week on evacuation flights out of China and who have been sitting in isolation rooms Read more. 

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