Little Boy Climbs on Baggage Conveyer Belt, Travels Through Airport

BUSINESS INSIDER – A young child had to be rescued by airport workers after climb ionto the baggage conveyor belt at Santiago International Airport in Chile last Thursday.

One video posted on social media racked up over 800,000 views, showing the boy clambering onto the system behind an empty check-in desk.

The footage, which appears to be filmed from security cameras, cuts through different angles of the child traveling on the moving conveyor belt. The child, who hasn’t been named, does not appear unduly worried by his adventure.

Happily, concerned airport workers managed to halt the conveyor belt and pick up the child before he came to any harm.

In a statement shared with the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, airport authorities said that its facilities comply with “all international security standards in terms of the design of its infrastructure … ”

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VIDEO: Little Boy Climbs on Baggage Conveyer Belt, Travels Through Airport


12 Tips for Navigating Airports with Kids

Making your way through a busy airport with little ones in tow can be made easier by considering these tips.

By: Steve Larese

Travel Channel – In my years of traveling as both a single dad and with my wife with threeTkiddos in tow, here are some tips that have worked for me that hopefully will help you have an enjoyable time introducing your child or children to the excitement of airports and flying.

1: In the days leading up to your trip, sit in the rear seat with your child as your partner drives around town during your family outings.

This allows you to talk to your child about what it will be like on the airplane, and allow you to see some of the logistics you’ll encounter, such as the space you’ll have to work with. Doing these “dry runs” will make your child more comfortable and excited about traveling when the day comes, and give you some insight as to what to expect and how to better prepare.

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2: Having your child pick out a small backpack that fits them well gives them a sense of trip buy-in and importance.

Have them wear it in the days beforehand to get used to it and identify any issues (such as overloading). Getting fun, useful things for the plane such as a water bottle with a clip that can hook onto the seat will add to their excitement and feeling of being “grown up.”

My kids enjoyed having control over a small flashlight and glow sticks as a comfort against dark airplanes, and I made sure the light didn’t bother other passengers. Make sure you have a flashlight, too, to find items under the seat even during daytime flights. Cell phones have flashlights, sure, but that uses valuable battery life.

3: Make a note of what your kids are wearing before arriving at the airport, and consider even taking a photo of them.

Bold color schemes can help parents quickly locate their kids in the event they wander off in the second that you’re checking the gate number. Dark outfits hide stains better. A change of clothes in your carry on for both kids and parents in the event of spilled drinks, or worse, is always a good idea.

4: “Never pass up a restroom” is the parent’s creed, but never more so when flying.

When boarding or choosing your seats online, consider getting a seat close to the restrooms. Even if your child says they don’t have to go, it’s good to get up and walk on flights and gives them the opportunity to see the plane …

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