John Anderson’s New Song: “It Might Be My Last”

“I know that the good Lord already came down and touched me. There’s not a doubt in my mind.”

CMT News – John Anderson, 65, emerged from a serious health crisis to record his newest album, Years, due April 10 on Easy Eye Sound.

The reflective title track dropped January 17. Anderson co-wrote all 10 songs for the project.

“We went in the studio, and I remember saying, ‘I’m going to do this like it might be my last,’” Anderson says. “It still could be, but now the chances of that are getting slimmer and slimmer every day. I’m doing better so I’m not hardly thinking that way anymore.”

Although he prefers not to go into details with regards to his health, Anderson adds,

“There’s a few things that I came out of this whole deal better with. Part of it is my love for music and part of it is my appreciation for my family. But the biggest part is knowing that I might die here any minute, for who knows what reason, but I know that the good Lord already came down and touched me. There’s not a doubt in my mind.”

Anderson’s biggest hits include “Swingin’,” “Straight Tequila Night,” and “Wild and Blue.”

Watch Anderson’s new music video here … an anthem to healthy aging and a life well lived. 

More from Wikipedia … 

John David Anderson (born December 13, 1954, in Apopka, Florida) is an American country musician with a successful career that has lasted more than 30 years.

Starting in 1977 with the release of his first single, “I’ve Got a Feelin’ (Somebody’s Been Stealin’)”, Anderson has charted more than 40 singles on the Billboard country music charts, including five number ones: “Wild and Blue”, “Swingin'”, “Black Sheep”, “Straight Tequila Night”, and “Money in the Bank”.

He has also recorded 22 studio albums on several labels. His newest album, Goldmine, was released on May 26, 2015, on the Bayou Boys Music label.

Anderson was inducted to the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame on October 5, 2014.

Anderson lives in Smithville, Tennessee, his home for more than 30 years.

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