Jeopardy Contestant ‘Kate’ Gives Double Phallic Response

Jeopardy! December 6, 2023



  • Peter O’Toole, actor [Lawrence of Arabia].
  • Dick Pole, Former pitching coach for the Chicago Cubs.
  • Dick Johnson, morning news co-anchor for the NBC station WMAQ-TV in Chicago.
  • Rod Johnson, HVAC technician, Stockton, California.
  • Peter “PJ” Weiner, musician, Texas.
  • Willie Johnson, electric blues guitarist.
  • Woody Woodpecker [fictional].

‘Jeopardy!’ star Amy Schneider reveals ‘complicated, weird and interesting’ life in memoir

David Oliver, USA TODAY

Who is: Amy Schneider?

That is correct!

Schneider – the millionaire who set our screens ablaze with her smarts last year – wrote a memoir that focuses less on her being the most successful woman to compete on the show and more on, well, everything else: her wife, Genevieve, coming out as transgender, losing her virginity, polyamory, to name a few.

She’s also far less interested in simple “yes” and “no” answers than her quiz show history might have you believe – particularly, nuances in gender and sexuality and how coming out helped her discover new thought-provoking parts of herself.

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“A lot of trans stuff, there’s this sort of simplified way of describing it that is out there that gets at the most fundamental important things about why, we’re real and we exist,” she says over a Zoom call from Oakland, California. “But in fact, it’s not actually all that simple. Once you get past that, things are a lot more complicated and weird and interesting.”

Question: It was fun to read that you were a theater kid. Do you act at all now? Would you ever do it again?

Answer: I definitely would do it again. I haven’t been in an actual play for years now, largely because of the time commitment. But I do continuously perform. I do stand-up, which is a much lower commitment form of performing. And then obviously, since I’ve been on “Jeopardy!” I do speaking things, I appear on podcasts, and that scratches that itch.

As queer people, people always ask us when we “knew” we were queer, and I really appreciated your section on that, including dressing up as Thisbe (Francis Flute’s cross-dressing role in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”). Have you revisited that since, or do you think of it differently now?

It is something I think about. A friend of mine that I’ve actually done some plays with was writing up a production in Louisville of it and caused me to think about it. The whole thing about Shakespeare is that you can keep coming back to everything and there’s always a different angle and a different approach. In this case, he was talking about a production of which they’d altered a line so that Francis Flute wasn’t objecting to playing a woman …

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