Idaho Farmer Giving Away 2 Million Potatoes

Image: Ryan Cranney, Facebook

“The response has completely blown me away. People are coming from all over …”

Some might call Ryan Cranney ‘half-baked’ for giving away his 2-million-spud cash crop. We call him incredibly thoughtful … 

Apr 16, 2020

CNN – With coronavirus severely affecting the potato supply chain, a farm in Idaho is giving away about 2 million potatoes so they don’t go to waste. First come, first served.

Ryan Cranney, CEO of Cranney Farms in Oakley, Idaho, about 150 miles from Boise, told CNN the majority of his potatoes from the farm are typically sold to grocery stores and to restaurants to make french fries.

Because of stay-at-home orders throughout the nation, Cranney said the foodservice demand is down significantly, leaving him with six months worth of crop.

“With people staying at home, these restaurants have shut down and so our markets have just kind of fallen apart,” Cranney said.

“The factories that we sell to for french fries, they’ve lost their sales and had to shut their factories down with freezers full of french fries and so the outlets for our potatoes, we’re having a difficult time getting them to market.”

How to get your free Cranney Farms potatoes: Click here. 

Can’t make it to Idaho right now? Get your spuds here. 

A little over 50% of Cranney’s sales come from its potato crop, according to Cranney.

Cranney Farms also grows sugar beets, wheat, barley, mustard seeds, corn and alfalfa and they raise cattle, but Cranney said their potato crop and cattle have been hit the hardest … Read more. 

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