Harris’s Abortion Barnstorming Tour Continues

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Vice President Kamala Harris will visit Charlotte on Thursday, the White House announced Tuesday. Harris will discuss investments in affordable housing and high-speed internet, according to the release.

The Vice President will also visit and meet with state legislators to discuss abortion rights and reproductive rights. Harris has been a leading Biden administration voice on abortion rights since early May …

Protestor perfect sums up pro-choice views: “We love killing babies” 

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Speaking to the NAACP National Convention, Vice President Kamala Harris said “extremist so-called leaders” are targeting fundamental civil rights by targeting abortion and voting.

The Hill: Harris Says Rights Under Assault From ‘Extremist So-Called Leaders’
Vice President Harris told a gathering at a civil rights conference Monday that Americans’ freedoms are under assault from “extremist so-called leaders” looking to curtail access to abortion services and enact voting restrictions. “We must recognize there are those who are fighting to drag us backward,” Harris said in keynote remarks at the NAACP National Convention in Atlantic City, N.J. (Chalfant, 7/18)

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Newsweek: Kamala Harris Says Abortion Bans Fit History Of U.S. Owning Human Bodies
Vice President Kamala Harris stressed the implications of the recent rollback on abortion rights in the U.S. on Monday by noting that the country has claimed “ownership” over human bodies before. Harris was speaking at the 113th NAACP National Convention when she called for steps to be taken in order to protect “fundamental freedoms,” which she said included women being able to make decisions about their own bodies. (Strozewski, 7/18)

Meanwhile, a fight brews over other protected rights —

AP: House To Vote On Same-Sex Marriage, Push Back Against Court
While the Respect for Marriage Act is expected to pass the House, it is almost certain to stall in the Senate, where most Republicans would surely block it. It’s one of several bills, including those enshrining abortion access, that Democrats are pushing to confront the court’s conservative majority. Another bill, guaranteeing access to contraceptive services, is set for a vote later this week. (Mascaro, 7/19)

The Hill: House To Vote On Respect For Marriage Act In Response To Clarence Thomas Opinion
Thomas wrote that the court’s “substantive due process precedents” set in cases like Obergefell v. Hodges — which legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states — should be revisited, creating widespread uncertainty and panic among same-sex married couples over whether their unions will continue to be recognized. (Migdon, 7/18)

On birth control matters —

Newsweek: Walgreens Hit With Boycott Calls Amid Claims Of Birth Control Sale Hassles
Calls for boycotts ramped up on social media on Monday after an article published by The Star Tribune earlier in July featured a Minnesota woman named Jessica Pentz detailing a Walgreens clerk allegedly refusing to sell her condoms based on a religious objection. The incident allegedly happened over the July 4th weekend, when Pentz visited a store while on vacation in Wisconsin with her husband Nate, who later shared an account of the refusal on Twitter. (Slisco, 7/18)

The Washington Post: The Misleading Claim That A Democratic Candidate ‘Sued’ A Group Of Nuns Over Contraception Coverage
Over and over, Doug Mastriano has claimed that his Democratic opponent, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, sued a group of nuns, aiming to force them to “violate their religious beliefs.” Catholics make up about one-quarter of Pennsylvania’s population. They traditionally lean toward Democrats, so this attack line is intended to undermine Shapiro’s standing among Catholics. (Kessler, 7/19)

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