Hank Williams Jr.’s wife died after cosmetic surgery

Mary Jane Thomas died of a collapsed lung sustained during breast lift surgery

USA TODAY – Hank Williams Jr.’s wife died after undergoing an elective cosmetic surgery, reports from Florida’s Palm Beach County medical examiner reveal.

Mary Jane Thomas, 58, traveled from Tennessee to Florida for liposuction and a procedure to remove previous breast implants with a breast lift at Bafitis Plastic Surgery, located in Jupiter.

The singer’s wife was released from the hospital March 21 and was transported to a resort for recovery. On March 22, she suddenly became unresponsive, the report says. Thomas was taken to Jupiter Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead in the emergency room. The autopsy determined she died of a collapsed lung sustained during the surgery. Her death was ruled an accident.

Tragedy has struck the Williams family previously. In June 2020, the couple’s 27-year-old daughter, Katherine Williams, died in a car crash in Henry County, Tennessee. She was driving an SUV that was towing a boat when it crossed the median and rolled over.

Williams and Thomas also share a son, Samuel Williams … read more. 

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“First, do no harm.” – The Hippocratic Oath.


Harold Bafitis, D.O., M.P.H., F.A.C.O.S., F.A.C.S.

  • In 2005, Dr. Bafitis was cited by the Florida Board for Osteopathic medicine for inappropriately using a drug that was not approved for use in humans. Bafitis received a public reprimand, was ordered to pay a $18,500 fine plus $5,185.48 in costs, and was placed on probation for one year.  He was also required to complete 24 hours of continuing education on prescribing, ethics, patient safety, medical laws and rules.
  • In 2007, Dr. Bafitis was charged with unethical or unprofessional conduct and and/or practice detrimental to the public by the Iowa Board of medicine and was assessed a $5,000 civil penalty.
  • In 2008, Dr. Bafitis was Publicly Reprimanded by the Osteopathic Medical Board of California for “discipline taken by another state.”
  • As of 7/29/2022, Dr. Bafitis is an Osteopathic Physician whose License Status in the state of Florida is listed as CLEAR/ACTIVE.
  • “This practitioner has indicated that he/she has *NOT* had any final disciplinary action taken against him/her within the last 10 years by a licensing agency.” – STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH
  • Dr. Bafitis has 90 five-star reviews on Healthgrades.com, but also 11 one-star reviews. His over all rating is 4.5 based on 103 reviews.


  • While the disciplinary actions listed above are serious, one purpose of disciplinary action is to reform a person’s conduct. Given that Dr. Bafitis appears to have no further negative marks on his record, these actions seem to have been effective.
  • Given that his five-star reviews outnumber his one-star reviews by a 9-1 ratio, patients appear to be generally satisfied with Dr. Bafitis.
  • Nevertheless, purely cosmetic surgery has many of the same risks as medically indicated surgery, but with an actual health benefit. It’s your body, your life, your future, and your money. Weigh your options carefully, including the option of doing nothing.
  • Would you actually be happier to take the money you’d spend on a face lift or other cosmetic procedure and instead donating that money to a non-profit hospital to provide lifesaving care to a child?
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