Guys Get This Wrong About Taking A Shower

"Use a gentle cleanser and prioritize the spots that consistently emit odor, which includes your armpits and private areas."

INSIDE HOOK – Morning shower folks extoll the benefits of feeling clean and alert for the day, evening shower folks can’t imagine heading into bed still covered in sweat, dirt or pollen.

But according to Mona Gohara, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine, neither routine is more correct than the other.

That’s mainly because the endgame of taking a shower — in terms of the lasting, tangible effects it will have on the body (not just feeling momentarily focused or relaxed) — should be about hygiene and skin health. Within that pursuit, morning or evening is irrelevant.

What’s actually important? The decisions you make during your shower.

Those decisions include: temperature, shower length, the relative dryness of your skin, prioritizing areas that actually need consistent washing, taking it easy on the scrubbing, choosing body-friendly products and moisturizing once you’re done.

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Is there a perfect shower? Not necessarily — again, it’s a highly personal thing — but an ideal one would look something like this:

  • shorter than 10 minutes (which will save your energy bill and the planet, by the way) and about room-temperature water throughout.
  • You’ll want to use a gentle cleanser and prioritize the spots that consistently emit odor, which includes your armpits and private areas … Click here to read more. 

6 Things Men Should Never Do When Washing Their Crotch

By Mehul Reuben Das

MENSXP.COM – Men do not pay half as much attention as we should when washing our nether regions.

Most of the time, all we do is lather up our crotch with some soap or shower gel, rub the stuff with our hands and just wash the lather off with some water, and call it a day.

Things Not to do while washing your crotch

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This rather simplistic approach to your crown jewels is actually very detrimental, not just for your sex life, but for your health as well. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind and avoid at all costs when you’re washing your junk.

Do Not Use A Harsh Soap

The skin around the crotch is very thin and delicate. Plus, can you really risk getting a rash down there because of a harsh soap? Go for something that is easy on the skin and does the job really well. Something like the MensXP Mud Begin Natural Shower Gel.

Formulated for all skin types, the presence of Volcanic Crude Clay helps remove dirt and oil from the skin. Apple extracts offer a soothing experience leaving the skin healthy and glowing while lemon helps exfoliate the skin without hampering the natural pH balance.

This is capped-off by the evergreen benefits of Patchouli, which de-stresses the skin.

Do Not Use Cold Water

First of all, cold water tightens up the pores, making a thorough cleaning of the skin a lot difficult. Secondly, your junk contracts quite significantly when you bathe with cold water. Good luck in cleaning something that has just contracted to 1/4th its size. Always use warm water when you wash your junk. This also allows the cleansing agents to function better.

Do Not Forget Your Plums … 

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