Grandma CANCELED | “Only In New York, Kids, Only In New York”

Imagine a world where the governor decides how many loved ones can gather together for Thanksgiving dinner. “Only in New York, kids … only in New York” (with apologies to famed New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams).

Planning a large family gathering in New York for Thanksgiving? Fuggedaboutit.

CNN – Indoor and outdoor gatherings in private homes in New York state will be limited to 10 people, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday.

Covid-19 cases are rising in New York and neighboring states, and the move aims to curb traffic from more restricted states into New York, said Cuomo.

“If the national numbers are going up, and the states around you are going up, be prepared,” Cuomo said at the press conference.

New York reported 4,820 new Covid-19 cases and 21 deaths on Wednesday, according to a tweet from Cuomo.

Cuomo also reported that the statewide percent positivity rate, including what the state calls “micro cluster zones,” is 2.9 percent, while it is 2.5 percent without these micro cluster zones. The zones themselves are reporting a 4.9 percent positivity rate.

Focus zones in New York state include parts of Brooklyn, Queens, Rockland and Westchester counties … Read more.