Go Pound Sand: NY’ers HANG UP On Virus Trackers

“I am not going to stand idly by while you risk the health of this county …  failure to comply brings with it a $2,000 fine.” – Rockland Co. Executive Ed Day

FOX 5 NY –  A new cluster of COVID-19 cases has appeared in Rockland County, New York and officials are asking anyone who attended at least three house parties linked to the outbreak over the last two weeks to cooperate with officials and get tested.

At least nine people, all in their twenties, have tested positive for COVID-19 after the cluster was linked to a house party in West Nyack.

Officials say the party’s host was already symptomatic and after 50-100 people were exposed.

County health officials say the fight to make sure all of those who were potentially exposed get tested has been an uphill one.

“Many do not answer their cell phones … ” Read more. 

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