Undertakers: It’s Not A Good Time To Die

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Funeral planning during COVID-19 crisis

Statement from the Luzerne County (PA) Funeral Directors Association

During these difficult and confusing times, to many people the loss of a loved one can feel more overwhelming than normal.

We, the members of the Luzerne County Funeral Directors Association, have dedicated our lives to giving guidance and compassion to families while honoring the memories of a life well lived.

In normal circumstances, we understand the stress placed on those we serve. Each of us is witnessing the ongoing, negative effects the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on our communities and society as a whole.

Until this pandemic has safely passed, in continuing our mission of service, we would like to clarify what is now temporarily permissible for funeral services.

This information has been gathered from several sources including the White House, the Centers for Disease Control, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and the National and Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Associations.

• Person-to-person interaction when making funeral arrangements or funeral pre-arrangements is limited. This can be achieved through the use of technology by telephone, fax, email, or other video conferencing social media. Documentation, including authorizations where signatures are required, may be shared electronically between the funeral home and the next of kin.

• As per the stipulations by the aforementioned government agencies and funeral associations, all funeral and memorial gatherings must adhere to ten (10) persons or less, maintaining the safe six-feet social distancing. (This figure includes ALL in attendance: family, funeral home staff, clergy, etc.) For this reason, many are opting for immediate family-only funerals with a more public celebration of life gathering in the future.

• Please be aware that civic, fraternal, and military honors may not be available during this crisis.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health identifies the importance of funerals and memorial services as being essential in gathering individuals to honor the life of someone we knew and loved in this life (SRN: 2020-09).

Unfortunately, until our government health agencies lift the social quarantine and life returns to a sense of stability, we are obligated to abide by these rules and regulations to safeguard the health of all we are honored to serve and those whom we love. Source.

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