Florida Python Hunter, Mom Save Car From Python Ahead Of Thanksgiving

Trapper Mike Kimmel shows how he and his mom bonded on ‘Snakesgiving’ in viral TikTok video

Fox News – A mother and son have gone viral for their python removal team-up, which was captured on video and uploaded to TikTok five days before Thanksgiving.

Snake trapper Mike Kimmel, aka Python Cowboy, shared the 29-second clip of him and his mother freeing a long python from a car tire.

While the clip doesn’t reveal how the snake slithered its way into the tire’s barrel, its head is poking out from the rear right wheel.

Kimmel’s mother can be seen bravely pulling the python’s tail on the side where the car’s trunk is while her son works to push the snake’s head through the barrel.

“My hands are greasy,” Kimmel’s mother notes as she continues to pull — all while donning an apron and flip-flops.

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Onlookers cheer Kimmel and his mom on as they get the snake out from their car and open garage.

“Nice job, Mom,” Kimmel says in congratulations. “You’re a freaking natural” … READ MORE. 


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Giant invasive pythons are slithering north in Florida

By Jenna Romaine | Nov. 10, 2021

THE HILL – Invasive Burmese pythons have officially been sighted making their way north in Florida, following years of speculation.

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“We have finally, unhappily, sighted a Burmese python in the interior of the refuge,” University of Florida wildlife professor Frank Mazzotti, who heads Fort Lauderdale’s Croc Docs research team, told The Palm Beach Post.

Biologists and wildlife researchers previously believed that the invasive species was in the area after detecting its DNA in freshwater in the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. However, contractors with the South Florida Water Management District have sighted the snakes in the refuge in late October.

“We know they are in the refuge but haven’t been seeing them and once you start seeing them that is an indication that the population is expanding,” Mike Kirkland, an invasive animal biologist, told The Palm Beach Post.

“The fact that we’ve had a few sightings recently leads me to believe there are more there” … READ MORE. 

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