Florida NAACP Says Stay Out Of Sunshine State Because Of DeSantis

The National Association For The Advancement of Colored People – which has not gotten the memo that only racists names things for people's skin color – is urging blacks not to move to the Sunshine State. – HH

THE FREE PRESS – The Florida NAACP is urging its national parent group to advise Black Americans to stay out of the Sunshine State because of Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The group cited DeSantis’ efforts to battle Critical Race Theory and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programs in education and businesses as its reason, according to a report on Monday by Yahoo News.

“All of this is a tipping point,” Yvette Lewis, president of the NAACP Hillsborough County branch, told Yahoo News.

“We encouraged more people to vote, and that didn’t work because [extremist Republicans] gained more power, and this is where we’re at. We had to take a strong stand because it has gone too far.”

Yahoo News noted that the recommendation received unanimous support by the Florida NAACP and will be reviewed by the national organization next month.

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According to Yahoo News, one critic is Riché J. Daniel Barnes, an anthropology and African American studies professor at the University of Florida.

“If the people I came here to work with and build community with leave, which they have already started, I am encouraged to do so as well,” Barnes said. “This is political theater.”

Instead, she said, the solution “requires more people in the form of voters and more dollars in the form of economic prosperity and potential campaign contributions for [minority candidates] in communities of color.”

DeSantis agreed with Barnes.

In a recent press briefing, the Republican governor called the Florida NAACP’s recommendation a joke … read more. 

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