Florida Men “Wrangle,” Kill 16-Ft. Python

"I drove past it and said, 'That's a big snake.' I had my mother with me and she said, 'Well, get out and get it.'

CREATIVE LOAFING TAMPA – A Florida family had to wrestle a massive snake that appeared in their backyard this week.

Zoflo Springs resident Aaron Brown was driving with his mom when he spotted the giant serpent on their property, according to Tampa Fox affiliate WTVT.

After realizing the invasive snake was too much for singular hand-to-hand combat, Brown called up his cousin, William Wilkinson, for help.

The two, along with Wilkinson’s son, were then able to “wrangle,” “hook” and then eventually shoot the snake before it escaped into a culvert.

Afterwards, the family called up snake hunter celebrity Dusty Crum, who verified that it was 16-feet and 4-inches long and weighed 300 pounds… Click source below to read more

When a python slinks out of the woods

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By STEVE REILLY Feb 9, 2021

SUN ENGLEWOOD – It’s not every day you see a Burmese python snaking its way out of a woody lot.

At least not for Don Darby, a seasonal Rotonda resident, who turned off Winchester Boulevard South onto Cougar Way Monday morning and spotted a 9-foot Burmese python slithering in the grass toward the roadway.

“Oh my God, it’s a python coming out of the woods,” Darby recalled as his first reaction after spotting the python emerging from a lot. He immediately recognized the snake as a Burmese python and pulled over.

No one will know why the python wanted to cross the street. Darby kept the large exotic constrictor from roaming off by “nudging its tail.”

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“It wasn’t aggressive,” Darby said.

He respects wildlife and encourages his neighbors to respect wildlife, too.

Darby flagged down a patrolling Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputy. The Charlotte Sheriff’s Office, in turn, called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Wildlife officers and investigators arrived on the scene and captured the snake.

All the activity caught the attention of other passing motorists, some of whom stopped to take their own photos of the errant python and his captors … Read more. 

Family members of Zoflo Springs resident Aaron Brown demonstrate true size of python captured in their own yard.

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