Florida man found guilty of raping wife

It took a Tampa jury under five hours to find Trevor Summers guilty on all counts for the failed murder-suicide plot; trial centered on definition of rape

FOX NEWS – A Florida man was found guilty of the rape, kidnapping and attempted murder of his ex-wife after he abruptly axed his lawyer, so he could cross-examine her in a move that proved unpopular with the jury.

It took the panel just under five hours on Friday to convict Trevor Summers, 45, of all 11 counts against him.

“So you’re calling it rape?”

In a surprise twist, Summers decided to represent himself last week and grill ex-wife Alisa Mathewson on the stand after she testified that he took her hostage, hogtied her and sexually assaulted her during a terrifying two-day ordeal in which she thought she was going to die.

“Did I threaten you to have sex?” Summers asked Mathewson, with whom he shares five children, during cross-examination in Tampa’s Hillsborough County Circuit Court.

Summers fired his lawyer, so he could cross-examine his ex-wife. He was found guilty of raping and kidnapping her in a botched murder-suicide plot.

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“You broke into my home in the middle of the night when I was sleeping, attacked me and tied me up. Yes, I take that as you threatened me to have sex with you. You forced me to have sex with you,” she said, growing visibly distraught. “You raped me!”

Summers calmly pressed, “So you’re calling it rape?”

“That is the definition of rape!” Mathewson retorted.

After finding out that Mathewson had started dating other men amid their bitter divorce, Summers hatched a murder-suicide plot … read more. 

Under U.S. law, marital rape was a term that was viewed as an oxymoron until the 1970’s; rape laws in every state in the union then included an exception if the rapist and the victim were husband and wife. By 1993, all 50 states had finally eliminated the “marital rape exception.” Only under misogynistic Islamic law are married women required to oblige their husbands’ sexual advances. – HEADLINE HEALTH [Sources: wikiislam.netcriminaldefenselawyer.com]

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