Fauci’s Comments “Muddy, Confuse, Dishearten”

"Anthony Fauci’s limitless publicity thirst is undermining the war on COVID"

OPINION By John Podhoretz, April 7, 2021

THE NEW YORK POST – It was said of the late actress Sylvia Miles, who spent her nights going from event to event in New York, that she would “attend the opening of an envelope.”

US government virus guru Anthony Fauci has very little in common with Sylvia Miles:

He wasn’t nominated twice for an Oscar, for example, and he has never, to my knowledge, appeared in the nude. But he has become as ubiquitous a public presence over the past year in all media as Miles was at every party.

Every day, and it seems for hours a day, Fauci pops up on cable shows or in interviews with major journalists, and the blue-check Twitterati amplify his messages through social media.

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He is inescapable. And the problem with his inescapability is that, unlike Sylvia Miles, it matters deeply what he says and does — and it’s now clear that our epidemiologist general can’t restrain himself from speaking and speaking and speaking, even when he doesn’t have anything much to add and when his contributions muddy and confuse and dishearten, rather than reassure and rally, the public.

It’s as if Sylvia Miles not only attended the opening of every envelope but insisted on opening each envelope herself while stripping nude.

Just this week, Fauci went on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and suggested that a fourth wave of the pandemic was not about to start — but it could, it really could, if people didn’t do what he was telling them to do.

By which he meant “hanging in there” and continuing to follow all the prescriptions of the past year — social distancing, mask wearing, not gathering collectively.

Then Willie Geist of “Morning Joe” pointed out that Texas had relaxed its mandates and saw no surge of cases … Click here to read more. 

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