Facebook Bans Anti-Vax Group

Nov 18, 2020

NEWSWEEK – Larry Cook, a prominent figure in anti-vaccine circles and the creator of the “Stop Mandatory Vaccination” group on Facebook, has had his Facebook and Twitter accounts suspended.

The Stop Mandatory Vaccination group, which had amassed more than 195,000 members on Facebook, has also been taken down.

In February, it emerged that the mother of a four-year-old boy who died of flu had opted not to use the Tamiflu medication that had been prescribed by a doctor, and was discussing natural “remedies” with members of the Stop Mandatory Vaccination group instead.

Facebook told Newsweek that the group was removed because it violated the social network’s policy against QAnon. Facebook bans the group under its “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations” policy which it says will “address militarized social movements and violence-inducing conspiracy networks, such as QAnon.”

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The baseless conspiracy theory purports that a network of pedophile Satan-worshipping elites is operating throughout society, including in the “deep state” of U.S. government … Read more. 

Nov 19, 2020

CNN Business – Facebook confirmed on Thursday that it took down a large private group dedicated to anti-vaccine content.

NBC News previously reported on the anti-vaxxer Facebook group, which it reported played up stories of vaccine deaths and targeted grieving mothers.

Still, plenty of anti-vaxxer groups remain on Facebook. A cursory search by CNN Business found at least a dozen Facebook groups advocating against vaccines.

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One group dedicated to stories about supposed “injuries” after vaccines has nearly 50,000 members.

In their descriptions, these anti-vaxxer groups include false and dangerous claims that vaccines aren’t effective and some push conspiracy theories about impending Covid-19 vaccine.

Public health experts say vaccines are extremely safe, and serious adverse reactions are very rare. Scientists have repeatedly and consistently debunked the most common anti-vaccine myth, the idea that there is a link between vaccinations and the development of autism in children … Read more. 


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