Woman with perfect 36EEs left with ‘dead, rotting nipples’ in botched operation

Surgeons separated Collette Pickering from her money by convincing her that her 36EEs were simply too big ...

MIRROR – As a 36EE, 22-year-old Chloe Rose, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, had felt insecure about her large chest for some time and was experiencing immense back pain.

Since the age of 18, she had wanted to go under the knife for an uplift in a bid to help relieve the agony, but put it off until she had enough money.

She researched the procedure – which usually costs from £8,000 in the UK – online, and over a 12-month period, communicated with a ‘well-established’ clinic in Turkey.

She booked the operation for January 16 and flew over to the Middle East with a friend, Rachel Mucha.

However, when she came round after the operation, Chloe was left screaming in pain after it ‘went terribly wrong’ – with graphic images showing how her nipples had turned into oozing, open sores.

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Collette claims surgeons removed too much skin, resulting in her circulation being cut off and her nipple dying.

The young woman developed necrosis – the death of body tissue – but says the clinic has claimed that the procedure went ‘perfectly.’ Chloe, who is described by Collette as a “one in a million with a heart of gold”, told the Mirror:

“I was concerned about the surgery, but what sister wouldn’t be?

“I get nervous every time she goes on a night out or doesn’t get back to me in an hour. But I trusted her judgement and it’s her life and body, it’s not up to me what she does with either … ”


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