Eating more kiwi fruit could boost your mental health in just a few days

What are the health benefits of kiwi?

MEDICAL NEWS TODAY – Fruits are part of a healthful diet, and kiwifruit is one option that offers several health benefits.

For example, kiwifruit may help with gastrointestinal function and improve blood sugar and lipid levels. It contains fiber, potassium, and vitamin E, and fairly high levels of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a critical nutrient that helps with immune system function and wound healing.

Prior studies suggest that vitamin C supplements and vitamin-C-rich fruits can help boost mood.

For the current study, researchers hypothesized that vitamin C could play a role in mood and healthy brain function. They were curious how fruit intake could potentially impact mental health over a period of time.

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Is kiwifruit good for mental health?
This particular study analyzed data from a three-armed placebo-controlled trial. The participants were adults between 18 and 35 who had low plasma levels of vitamin C.

Researchers divided participants into three groups: One group received a daily vitamin C supplement, the second received two kiwifruit daily, and the third received a daily placebo tablet.

Researchers used smartphone surveys to collect data from participants, and participants had blood work done every 2 weeks.

They weren’t able to blind participants or researchers regarding the kiwifruit intervention. However, researchers and participants did not know who received the placebo versus vitamin C tablets until after the study’s completion.

Participants took their assigned intervention or placebo for four weeks and answered surveys every other day. The surveys collected data on several components, including:

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  • energy and fatigue
  • mood
  • flourishing
  • sleep quality and quantity
  • physical activity levels

Based on their analysis, researchers found that participants consuming the kiwifruit saw mood and vitality improvement at around 4 days and improvement in flourishing at around day 14.

Mood improvements peaked for these participants between day 14 and day 16. Participants in the vitamin C supplement group saw mood improvements until around day 12 …



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