Doctors’ Cheatsheet Of ‘Unusual Sexual Disorders’

Unreported, under-diagnosed, and untreated: unusual sexual disorders every doctor should know about | Jan 23, 2020

MDLinx – Let’s take a look at five uncommon sexual disorders that deserve greater attention.


This condition is a condition in which affected patients vocalize, masturbate, fondle, or attempt intercourse while sleeping. When these people wake up, they don’t remember anything.

According to limited research, this condition preferentially affects men (67%-81% male predominance) and begins between 26 and 33 years on average.

Unsurprisingly, this condition may lead to interpersonal, clinical, and criminal repercussions. Sexsomnia likely exists on a continuum starting with sleepwalking.

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Interestingly, obstructive sleep apnea is a recognized precipitant of sex-arousal disorders. In a handful of those treated for sleep apnea, these disorders abated.

Other possible treatments include maintaining sleep hygiene, antidepressants, and refraining from drugs and alcohol.

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Postorgasmic illness syndrome

Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, which is why this next rare disorder is so strange.

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Postorgasmic illness syndrome (POIS) is an illness that causes a patient to experience flu-like and allergy symptoms post-orgasm. It mostly affects men but women can also experience POIS, too.

Symptoms develop soon after orgasm. These include fatigue, weakness, fever, mood changes, memory problems, concentration problems, sore throat, and itchy eyes, and commonly last between 2 and 7 days.

The etiology of POIS remains unknown, but some experts think that in men it could be an autoimmune or allergic reaction to semen. Other experts hypothesize that it could be due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.

POIS can be extremely distressing for patients and their partners. Although no definitive treatment for this condition exists, some men have tried SSRI antidepressants, benzodiazepines, or antihistamines.

When all else fails, abstinence is an option. Alternatively, sex can be scheduled for when a person has enough time to cope and recover.

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Persistent genital arousal disorder

Talk about uncomfortable… A recent case series in PAIN Reports expounded on persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD), a syndrome marked by spontaneous sexual arousal or orgasm primarily affecting women … Read more.


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