Doctor Accused Of Bad Penis And Breast Enhancements Loses License

A New Jersey doctor is officially cut off from performing improper penis and breast enhancements after losing his medical license

NJ.com – New Jersey authorities have shut down the license of a doctor on accusations he was improperly performing penile and breast enhancement procedures, officials said.

Dr. Muhammad A. Mirza consented to having his license temporarily suspended pending a hearing before an administrative law judge and state medical authorities. Mirza is board-certified internist from Cedar Grove.

State authorities say he traveled to dozens of rented locations throughout New Jersey and neighboring states performing “invasive aesthetic procedures with inadequate formal training and little regard for the health and safety of his patients,” Acting state Attorney General Andrew J. Bruck announced Tuesday.

Mirza advertises and performs his services through his Mirza Aesthetics practice, which he operates primarily from rental spaces in those states, which also include Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New York.

Bruck said in a statement:

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“Patients who seek cosmetic procedures are entitled to safe and appropriate care by properly trained professionals who put their health and safety above all else.

“We will not allow doctors to take advantage of patients’ desires to look and feel better about themselves by subjecting them to medically inappropriate procedures that expose them to grave harm and permanent disfigurement.”

The doctor would see up to 30 patients a day in “makeshift spaces with substandard protocols for medical recordkeeping, patient follow-up, and storage of medical supplies, including products that require refrigeration and strict temperature control,” Bruck added.

The state alleged in a complaint filed with the State Board of Medical Examiners, which made the decision to seek the suspension, that Mirza’s improper use of certain dermal fillers for off-label purposes “poses a clear and imminent danger to the public.”

In one case, he used an injectable dermal filler in a nonsurgical penile enhancement procedure that caused permanent harm …

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Dr. Mirza is no stranger to negative publicity. In 2019, he took legal action against his own patients … 

Manhattan doctor sues over Yelp reviews he says are false

By Mike Marza, November 1, 2019

NEW YORK (WABC) — A doctor in Manhattan says reviews about him on Yelp were false, and now he’s suing the people who posted them.

It’s not just the bad reviews, but the false ones, he says.

“If somebody is writing that my Botox is coming out of China, that is defamation,” said Dr. Muhammad Mirza.

And that forced Dr. Mirza to sue.

“It’s a very growing trend,” said legal analyst David Schwartz. “Because you have to realize the businesses are under attack, they’re under attack by negative reviews. It could ruin their entire business.”

One reviewer with the moniker Bryan posted: “I just can’t believe this is even legal the way he operate. Never Ever go to this horrible dungeon services!”

Some accused the doctor of using fake products.

He denies the claims and spent 18 months fighting Yelp in California courts to get the names of the reviewers. He won.

“It’s easy to write a review because you’re hiding behind the screen but in a court of law merit prevails and when merit prevails truth comes out,” said Dr. Mirza … READ MORE. 

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