‘Desperate’ Subway Launches Unlimited Pass for Those Who Can’t Get Enough

PLUS: Entire Subway Series Lineup Makes "Unhealthiest New Fast-Food Items" List

Subway Launches Unlimited Pass for Those of Us Who Can’t Get Enough Footlongs

The pass is selling for just $15 a pop and is valid for the month of September.

Subway has launched a limited-edition Footlong Pass. This pass, which is available for 10,000 of the chain’s biggest fans, is good for 50% off Subway footlongs all during the month of September and sell for only $15.

[Considering the bestselling Philly Footlong Regular Sub sells for $11.99, the fast food giant will be losing money after the first sale on every membership. – HH]

The passes go on sale August 24 on SubwayFootlongPass.com, and are only available for existing MyWay Rewards members [who must agree to a 4,146-word Terms of Use requirement to sign up]. Once the pass is available, just log onto the website and purchase your pass. Then, get ready to redeem your savings online or through the app all month long. source

Entire Subway Series Lineup Makes List of “Unhealthiest New Fast-Food Items To Stay Away From Right Now”

6 Unhealthiest New Fast-Food Items To Stay Away From Right Now

These brand new items may sound delicious, but tread lightly.

By Matt Kirouac, July 31, 2022

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Fast-food restaurants are constantly releasing new and exciting menu items and limited-time specials. But it’s important to pull back the curtain a bit (or in this case, pull back the breading and the bun) to see what ingredients are really lurking underneath and whether or not the nutritional demerits are worth the splurge.

To get to the bottom of this new crop of fast-food novelties we consulted registered dietitian Amy Goodson about which of the new items are worth ordering or avoiding—and some healthier alternatives if the cravings still linger.

Subway Series Sandwiches

PER SANDWICH: 410-450 calories

EAT THIS, NOT THAT! – After a maelstrom of drama, lawsuits, and declining sales, Subway was in desperate need of a refresh. And that’s literally exactly what it did with a complete menu overhaul as part of its Eat Fresh Refresh campaign.

This summer, the chain got rid of customization on its famously customizable menu (bold move), and instead started selling 12 sandwiches to be ordered as-is. But just because things are “refreshed” doesn’t automatically mean they’re the beacon of health, especially since some of said sandwiches are cheesesteaks and meat bombs.

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Considering the wide array of new sandwiches, from “The Boss” (meatball marinara) to “The Monster” (a meaty monstrosity with steak, bacon, and Monterey cheddar), each one has wildly different nutritional facts, fat, calories, and sodium counts. “When it comes to subs, what you put between the bread can make or break the nutrition value,” says Goodson. “While Subway offers lots of subs, here are some key moves to keeping the calories and fat down.”

For starters, she suggests going with a 6-inch sub instead of a footlong. “Choose whole-grain bread or a wrap for more nutrients. Remember more bread and those with cheese have more calories. If you really want to cut back on the calories, try a wrap.”

For meat, Goodson suggests choosing lean meats like turkey, chicken, ham, and even roast beef. “Other meats like meatballs, pastrami, salami, pepperoni and more are typically higher in fat, calories, and sodium.”

And when it comes to condiments, restraint is the name of the game. “Sauces and spreads like ranch, mayo, and other creamy dressings pile on the calories. To lean out your sub, try Subway’s new mashed avocado spread or mustard. If you love the creamy option, get it on the side and use less.” …. see the full list

Why Are Subway Sandwiches Considered Unhealthy?

GROUPER SANDWICH – It contains an absurd amount of calories, fats (30, of which have been saturated), and sodium, 3,930 milligrams each. As a point of comparison, the American Heart Association recommends that adults stay below 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, while the best target is 1,500 milligrams.

Is A Subway Sandwich Healthier Than A Burger?

It has long been assumed, though, that eating at Subway is healthier than eating there, but the results of this study suggest otherwise. In the study subjects’ sandwich, there were 784 calories, and in burger, there were only 582 calories … READ MORE

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