Dems Blamed Trump For COVID Deaths But Now Won’t Blame Biden

NEW YORK POST – Democrats refuse to give President Joe Biden the same criticism over rising COVID-19 cases that they gave to former President Donald Trump.

One of the most morally revolting talking points taken up by Democrats in their effort to deflect attention from President Joe Biden’s deadly incompetence in Afghanistan is to minimize the deaths of 13 troops in Kabul, Afghanistan, by pointing out that more people are dying from COVID-19 every day.

First of all, if we use the standards that Democrats set during the Trump years, those COVID-19 deaths are also the responsibility of Biden.

It should be said that comparing deaths caused by a faceless worldwide pandemic to the deaths of American troops who were needlessly placed in a perilous situation by an administration that handed security of Kabul to the Taliban is a special brand of cynical partisanship.

Both Afghanistan and COVID-19 are tragic, but only one is an avoidable massacre that was perpetrated by enemies and made possible by our government’s ineptitude and bad decisions.

“If the president were personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans during the summer of 2020, why isn’t the president responsible for thousands of deaths in the summer of 2021?”

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You might remember that liberal pundits had taken to using similarly ugly comparisons involving 9/11.

Paul Krugman once noted that the death toll of COVID-19 was already the equivalent of “60 9/11s.” MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance wrote that President Donald Trump had “single handedly caused the equivalent of 67 9/11 level deaths.” This was the tone of much of the coverage.

Well-adjusted human beings — those not consumed by politics — tend to treat tragic events as distinct situations. 

They react to a death from meningitis or a car accident with grief, while reacting to a death resulting from a first-degree murder or drunk driving with anger and grief.

Most well-adjusted people also comprehend that living in a free, modern society comes with unfortunate embedded risks READ MORE. 

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