Common Sex Toy Health Problems

Sex toys involve the risk of lasting harm, while any benefits are fleeting. A recent article by EverydayHealth.com offers numerous cautions and warnings ...

Medically Reviewed by Kacy Church, MD

1. Know What Materials Your Toys Are Made Of

Some toys are made with phthalates. These chemicals, which are present in some plastics, have been banned for use in such products as children’s toys and pacifiers because they may disrupt human hormones.

The FDA says it is unclear what (if any) impact phthalates have on human health. But if you have made a personal decision to avoid them elsewhere in your life — for example, your cosmetics — it is important to know they could be lurking in your sex toys.

BELOW: Vibrator and Dildo Injuries Treated at Emergency Departments

2. Wash — and Dry — Your Sex Toys Regularly

Toys can also spread infections, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs), because they can retain bacteria and viruses.

3. Consider a Condom to Reduce the Risk of Infection

Condoms  certainly should be used to cover phallic-shaped toys for people who are sharing toys with a partner. That is because even if you diligently clean your toys, there is still a chance of transmitting infection. A study published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections found traces of the human papillomavirus on vibrators a full day after they’d been used and cleaned.

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“While patients were often able to be treated and released (for vibrator and dildo injuries), a fair number (35% and 48% respectively) necessitated hospitalization.” – Dr. Justin Lehmiller, Sex and Psychology

4. Use Sex Toys as Intended and Skip Household Items

When you get a new sex toy, take time to read the directions. If you are new to sex toys, ease in slowly, and stop if anything feels uncomfortable. Avoid using household items as sex toys —  cucumbers and bananas, for example.

Food products, on the other hand, can be fairly porous, which means they can carry bacteria and potentially cause infection.

5. Buy From a Credible Company

Experts say to start by researching reputable manufacturers and to look for companies that are transparent about their products.

If a manufacturer provides detailed information about the materials it’s using and specifics on how to use and clean its toys, that is a good start … READ MORE. 

Vibrator and Dildo Injuries Treated at Emergency Departments

BY Mathias B. Forrester, Texas Department of State Health Services

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June 2021, Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy  – The purpose of this study was to examine vibrator and dildo injuries in the US.

During 2000-2019, a national estimate of 18,547 vibrator and 6,468 dildo injuries were treated at US emergency departments.

Males accounted for 52.0% of the vibrator and 79.7% of the dildo injuries.

The device could not be removed from the rectum in 71.3% of the vibrator and 83.6% of the dildo injuries.

The patient was treated or examined and released in 70.2% of the vibrator and 48.1% of the dildo injuries. SOURCE. 

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