Schools Bar 500 Unvaxxed Kids | 6,000 Measles Deaths In Congo

"The fact that any child dies from a vaccine-preventable disease like measles is frankly an outrage and a collective failure to protect the world's most vulnerable children." Dr. Tedros Ghebreysus, Director-General of the WHO District enforces no-excuses vaccine policy; parents called to pick up their kids Jan 9, 2020 Fox News – Hundreds of students in Seattle were barred from class on Wednesday over outdated vaccination records. District superintendent Denise Huneau said an estimated 565 students in the...

Cosmo Writer: Start Sex Ed While Kids Are In Diapers

Sex Ed Should Begin Before Potty Training – Agree Or Disagree? Comment below.  Jan 3, 2020 OPINION | By Jennifer Gerson Insider.com – One day, your toddler will point to a pregnant woman, cock their head, and ask, "How did that baby get into that lady's tummy?" You might think it's too soon to start teaching your innocent preschooler about sex at that point, but it's not. In fact, some experts say, it might even be on the later side. "Human...

Prison For Chinese Doctor Who “Edited” Baby Girls

Was a Chinese court justified in jailing the doctor who edited the genes of two baby girls while they were still embryos? Comment below.  Dec 30, 2019 (CNN)A Chinese scientist who helped create the world's first gene-edited babies has been sentenced to three years in prison. He Jiankui shocked the world in 2018 when he announced that twin girls Lulu and Nana had been born with modified DNA to make them resistant to HIV, which he had...


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