$38,398 for a Single Shot of a Very Old Cancer Drug

KAISER HEALTH NEWS – Dr. Josie Tenore and Paul Hinds were introduced by a mutual friend in 2017 and hadn’t been going out long when she laid down the law: He had to get a physical. “I don’t date people who don’t take care of their health,” said Tenore, who practices cosmetic dermatology and functional medicine in suburban Chicago. One of Hinds’ blood tests that summer came back with an alarming result: His prostate-specific antigen, or...

Moderna Made $18 Billion in 2021, Readies New Vaccines

Moderna Is Developing 2 New Vaccines—And 1 Could Protect Against the Common Cold The two vaccines aim to reduce the impact of respiratory illnesses on public health, especially among older adults. HEALTH – Biotechnology company Moderna is expanding its mRNA technology. The makers of the Spikevax COVID-19 vaccine are now working on two more vaccines: one to protect against SARS-CoV-2, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV); and another for the four endemic human coronaviruses, which can cause...

J&J Injected Black Prisoners With Asbestos

PLUS: Black Vaccine Hesitancy Rooted in Mistrust, Doubts CONTX – Court documents unsealed during the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) talcum powder litigation reveal that the company funded a 1971 study in which Pennsylvania prisoners, most of them African American, were “injected subcutaneously with asbestos.” Knowledge of the experiments has been public for some time, but J&J’s involvement has only just been recognised, according to Bloomberg. This news comes after unsealed documents were released in recent J&J lawsuits,...

Which Companies Aren’t Exiting Russia? Big Pharma

Even as the war in Ukraine has prompted an exodus of international companies from Russia, U.S. and global drug companies said they would continue manufacturing and selling their products there.

Majority of Americans Would Take COVID Pill If They Got Sick

A majority of unvaccinated Americans would decline to take an antiviral medication if they got sick with COVID-19, a new poll found.

5 Foods Never To Mix With Medications

WEBMD – You may know that some medicines don’t work well together. But what you eat and drink can have an effect on some drugs, too. Before you take a medication for the first time, talk with your doctor or pharmacist to see if there’s anything you should stay away from. Grapefruit This citrus fruit changes the way certain cells in your gut take in and move medication through your body -- it can affect more...

Antibiotics May Raise Colon Cancer Risk, Massive Study Suggests

Taking antibiotic drugs may raise the risk of developing colon cancer five to 10 years down the line, according to a new study of more than 40,000 cancer cases in Sweden.

Pfizer CEO to Public: Just Trust Us on the Covid Booster

Kaiser Health News – Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was confident in June about the ability of his company’s vaccine to protect against the highly contagious delta variant, as it marched across the globe and filled U.S. hospitals with patients. “I feel quite comfortable that we cover it,” Bourla said. Just weeks later, Pfizer said it would seek authorization for a booster shot, after early trial results showed a third dose potentially increased protection. At the...

Big Pharma Just Bought Off Federal Scientists

KAISER HEALTH NEWS – To several U.S. senators, it looked wasteful, even outrageous. Every year, taxpayers pay for at least $750 million worth of expensive pharmaceuticals that are simply thrown away. Companies ship many of the drugs in “Costco”-size vials, one lawmaker said, that once opened usually cannot be resealed or saved for other patients. Yet pharma gets paid for every drop. So Congress turned to the prestigious National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine...

Big Pharma Execs Got Rich Pushing Pills, Mocked Their Addicted Victims

Executives at one of the US’s largest drug distributors circulated rhymes and emails mocking “hillbillies” who became addicted to opioid painkillers even as the company poured hundreds of millions of pills into parts of Appalachia at the heart of America’s opioid epidemic.

Pandemic-Weary Americans Seek Psychiatric Help

A third of psychologists said they are seeing more patients since the start of the pandemic. It seems likely that an increase in use of psychiatric medications -- which have substantial side-effect risks -- would follow.  CNBC – Coronavirus has rocked the nation with a year of restrictions, lockdowns, missed gatherings and events, isolation and a staggering loss of more than half a million American lives. As the pandemic stretches into a second year, Americans struggling...

Vaccines Sabotaged In Wisconsin Hospital

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Authorities arrested a suburban Milwaukee pharmacist Thursday suspected of deliberately ruining hundreds of doses of coronavirus vaccine by removing them from refrigeration for two nights. The arrest marks another setback in what has been a slower, messier start to vaccinate Americans than public health officials had expected. Leaders in Wisconsin and other states have been begging the Trump administration for more doses as health care workers and senior citizens line up...

‘An Evil Family’: OxyContin Profiteers Deny Personal Responsibility

A House committee is investigating Purdue Pharma and billionaire family’s role in an epidemic that has killed almost 500,000 Americans.  The Guardian – Two of a group of billionaire Sackler family members that own Purdue Pharma, the US pharmaceutical manufacturer of the prescription painkiller OxyContin, refused to apologize for their role in the opioids crisis that has killed almost half a million Americans, during a hearing in Washington on Thursday. Kathe Sackler and David Sackler, former...

Most Of Us Have Made Up Our Minds On Vaccine

Dec 15, 2020 CNN – A large majority of Americans, 71%, say they will "definitely or probably" get a Covid-19 vaccine, according to a survey out Tuesday from the Kaiser Family Foundation. That's up from 63% in September - indicating a steady increase in trust as regulators worked to authorize the vaccine and held public meetings to discuss data supporting their use. But Black Americans, people living in rural areas and Republicans are more hesitant about...
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