Case Against Ron Jeremy Suspended

Case against "The Hedgehog" suspended after lawyer questions porn star’s mental health | PLUS: Porn – Harmless, Personal Entertainment?

LOS ANGELES TIMES – A judge suspended court proceedings in the rape case against Ron Jeremy on Thursday after a lawyer raised doubts about the disgraced porn star’s mental health.

Six weeks before the start of a trial on charges that he sexually assaulted nearly two dozen women, Jeremy, 69, was unable to recognize his attorney, refused to get into his wheelchair and was generally “nonresponsive” inside of a cell at a downtown L.A. courthouse, according to his attorney, Stu Goldfarb.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge George Lomeli agreed to pause the criminal case against Jeremy and scheduled a mental health competency hearing for April.

Charges were first brought against Jeremy in 2020, when prosecutors alleged he had raped four women whom he had met in the Rainbow Room and other bars along the Sunset Strip.

Jeremy was indicted on more than 30 criminal counts last year based on allegations made by 21 women. He faces a dozen counts of forcible rape, seven counts of forcible oral copulation, six counts of sexual battery by restraint and various charges of sexual offenses committed against women with foreign objects or while they were sleeping … read more. 

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Porn – Harmless, Personal Entertainment?

OPINION, March 17, 2022

Everyone knows about porn, but not everyone knows about the brutal treatment and abuse that performers often go through to create it.

Fight the New Drug – There are many people in our porn-saturated society who think that porn is harmless, personal entertainment.

Many people believe those in the adult entertainment industry love to have sex and get paid for it, why wouldn’t that seem like a dream? No one’s getting hurt when I watch porn, is a common thought pattern many consumers have.

And, we get it. Why would you have any reason to believe that the mainstream porn industry is anything less than professional, fun, safe, and sexy?

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Regardless of all the overwhelming research and countless personal accounts exposing the reality of trafficking and exploitation in the porn industry, many still buy into the fantasy that the porn industry works to maintain.

A lot of people have a similar mindset as this guy who messaged us on Facebook:

“Porn hurts nobody.” “They do it because they like to do it.”

What the average porn consumer might not know is that the industry is filled with sexual violence, coercion, and exploitation.

Consider that while active porn performers rarely, if ever, speak out due to fear of being blacklisted in the industry or being discriminated against, many of those same performers end up speaking out on their real experiences once they leave the industry.

These personal accounts are very often in stark contrast to our culture’s narrative about porn. And for those who do decide to leave, the porn industry still controls every image and video clip that the person can never get back … read more. 

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