Carjacked Granny Says Perp’s Death Was An Act Of Heavenly Mercy

“Now granted, he had hurt me, but the Lord saw fit to take him out of his misery.”

Shirlene Hernandez, 72, was attacked as she stopped to grab a drink at a Shell station and was repeatedly punched in the face as the suspect grabbed her keys and escaped with her car.

Investigators say that the car was then involved in a fatal accident on the nearby interstate, killing the suspect.

Ms Hernandez told WCAX3 …

“There’s a lot of people who would say what goes around comes around, karma. I did not think that; the only thing I got (was) really sad because he had died” … read more. 

According to news outlet ValleyCentral, the suspect was traveling at a high speed before crashing into the back of a stationary 18-wheeler. He was declared dead at the scene.

“Help Shirlene after carjacking” – GoFundMe 

Hi, my name is Helen, and I am helping my 71-year-old grandma Shirlene. On April 12th, she was carjacked from a Shell station in San Antonio on her way to work.

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The man who took her car hit her with the door, badly bruising her face. The man wrecked her car and totaled it, leaving her without a way to get to work or appointments.

Any donation helps get her back on her feet and is greatly appreciated.


  • “I hope you heal quickly Shirlene. Sorry this happened to you, keep your spirit bright!”
  • “Hopefully Shirlene gets a great new car & has enough left to have some fun, too!”
  • “Bad enough violence happens 2 every day people. Elderly woman. I know it’s not ok. May God bless U. B safe.”


We are in awe and so thankful for the outpouring of love and support. I don’t know how to properly say thank you to everyone.

  • $31,515 raised | 836 donations
  • The organizer has currently disabled new donations to this fundraiser.
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