Biden Caught Smelling A Girl’s Hair, Again

PLUS: 3 Common Ways Men Behave Inappropriately At Work

President Joe Biden has once again been photographed hugging and sniffing the hair of a woman or girl, this time Sandy Hook survivor Jackie Hegarty, 17, during an event in Washington, Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022.

Creepy Joe strikes again! | 15 October 2022, Daily Mail

  • President Joe Biden was speaking at a community college in California on Friday when he was seen grabbing a girl by the shoulder as he gave dating advice
  • After posing for a photo, he told the girl to not have serious boyfriends until 30
  • The girl appeared disturbed at both the comment and actions but laughed it off
  • Biden has a history of making eyebrow-raising remarks about girls and women
  • He has been photographed kissing girls on the head and seemingly sniffing hair
  • In 2019, Biden released a statement saying he ‘does not believe’ he ever acted inappropriately
  • He added it has never been his intention to make anyone uncomfortable | source

Biden touching girls compilation (RAW CSPAN FOOTAGE):

Biden attempts a sniffing at a Baskin Robbins in Oregon today


YOUR TANGO – Inappropriate behavior at the office, in politics, and Hollywood is now a constant headline in the news. As a certified clinical sexologist and sex educator, I have studied male and female interactions with each other for 20 years.

What I have concluded is that there are 3 ways in which a man approaches a woman in the workplace and how she can determine if he is acting inappropriately or not.

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1. Flirty interactions
This is where a man is attracted to a woman and instead of keeping it professional, he becomes a little flirty. This man is not doing this to be mean or dominant over her but is simply attracted to her and is flirting with her.

An example would be him noticing her clothing, hair, jewelry, or dress, giving long hugs, teasing, or even asking her out. A woman’s response, if she is not interested or wants the flirting to end, should put a stop to it immediately.

An example: “Thank you for noticing my dress, but please don’t mention anything about my appearance again.”

This may seem a little harsh, but if a woman does not want the attention from him, then put a stop to it, because even though it seems like not a big deal, it can turn into one. Hopefully, this will put an end to him flirting with her.

2. Inappropriate joking
This happens between men, where they may joke around with one another but then continues to joke the same way with a woman. In this instance, a woman may decide if it is offensive for her to leave the conversation or let him know that she does not find him funny or brush it off.

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This can be tricky sometimes because in some instances, this is a male bonding interaction and even for some women, sexual joking or bad language can also be female bonding, but when the opposite sex becomes involved, both men and women can become uncomfortable.

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