Best Weight Loss Foods For 2022

WebMD, Eat-This-Not-That, and Weight Watchers share their top weight loss foods for 2022

Keto, Fasting, or Whole 30 – Which Diet Is Best for Weight Loss in 2022?

By Dennis Thompson, Dec. 30, 2021

HealthDay News – Folks who are determined to shed some pounds in the New Year face a bewildering array of fad diets and quickie weight-loss schemes.

Those weighing eating patterns and diet plans such as intermittent fasting, the Keto diet, the Whole 30 Program and the Mediterranean diet would do well to keep two primary facts in mind, nutrition experts told HealthDay Now.

First, the diet that’s right for you depends in large part on what you like to eat and what will fit best into your personal lifestyle.

“What works best for people is what you will stick with, what is comfortable for you. So, if you’re seeking to change your diet, you first have to know yourself and to do things you will stick with,” said Dr. Lawrence Cheskin, chair of nutrition and food studies at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va.

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“It’s useless to do any of these diets if you’re going to do them for a week and then go back to business as usual.”

Second, any diet or eating pattern will help you lose weight only if you’re ingesting fewer calories than you’re burning day in and day out. A good weight-loss diet will include all of the nutrients that you need to maintain health, but limit your calories.

“Anytime we reduce caloric intake we’re going to see weight loss,” said Caroline Susie, a registered dietitian in Dallas and a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Two of the eating patterns with the most science behind them — intermittent fasting and the Mediterranean diet — weren’t initially intended as a means of weight loss, the experts pointed out.

Intermittent fasting requires that people only eat during specific hours of the day, or drastically limit their calorie intake on certain days of the week … Read more. 

The Best Weight Loss Snacks in 2022

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Integrate these nutrient-dense foods into your weight loss plan and see results in the new year.

BY OLIVIA TARANTINO, DECEMBER 26, 2021 | In partnership with WW.

EAT THIS, NOT THAT – Just because you’re trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to stick to a strict, uninspired food list. On the contrary: there’s a way you can lose weight and improve your overall health without cutting out any of your favorite meals and snacks.

In fact, with WW’s new PersonalPoints™ Program, no foods are off-limits—and the ones you simply can’t live without are purposefully factored in!

After you join, you’ll answer a few questions about the foods you love the most in the new, powerful PersonalPoints™ Engine, which pairs your answers with the weight loss wisdom of WW nutrition experts to craft a program that’s 100% personalized to you and your goals.

Below is a list of some popular WW ZeroPoint™ foods that you can enjoy in your usual portion sizes (yes, no measuring or tracking here!). Of course, your WW PersonalPoints™ plan will be created just for you—so some or all of these will be considered ZeroPoint™ foods!

And even if they don’t make it in your plan as ZeroPoint™ foods, they’re all still healthy choices.


With nearly 4 grams of fiber per 3-cup serving, it’s no wonder that popcorn is a great snack for weight loss. One Nutrition Journal study found that when participants ate popcorn as a snack, they reported feeling less hungry, more satisfied, and ate fewer calories later in the day compared to eating potato chips.

Chicken & avocado salad

They might be fatty, but avocados are (brand-new!) ZeroPoint™ foods because they’re rich in health-promoting unsaturated fats and have been linked to weight loss … READ MORE. 

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