Baby Killed by Family Pitbull While on Trampoline with Mother

Why is it still legal for anyone with a child in their home to own a pitbull?

DOGSBITE.ORG – A baby is dead after being bitten multiple times by a dog. The attack occurred in the backyard, reports WFSB.

The 1-year old child was transported to a hospital in critical condition, where the baby died.

Authorities seized two dogs from the residence, but apparently only one dog was involved. According to Catira Delgado, a neighbor familiar with the dogs, both are dalmatian-pit bull crosses …

Family Speaks Out

The child’s father, Ricky Rohena, told NBC Connecticut the dog that killed baby Lennox had not behaved aggressively before. [NOTE: This is the standard response from pitbull owners when their dog kills someone. The same justification can be used for owning a hand grenade: “my hand grenade has never killed anyone before.” – HH]

“If the dog would have been aggressive or anything like that, trust and believe he wouldn’t have been around the baby,” Rohena said.

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Neighbor Rohan Green, who heard screams when the dog attacked, ran across the street to help. “I tried to fight off two pit bulls and help the baby as much as I could,” Green said. “One minute seemed like forever. [It was] a long battle.”

Rohena was not home at the time. “I just didn’t get the chance to hold my baby at all. I didn’t get the chance to see him,” Rohena said. “I was working. I wasn’t here. I came home, took the dogs out. I wasn’t expecting this to happen. I left the dogs outside. I should have never left them outside.”

Lennox’s mother, Keyshla Torres, who is pregnant, was also injured in the attack. “I witnessed it,” she told NBC Connecticut. “[The dog] got onto the trampoline, then he grabbed the baby,” she said.

Male Child Deaths

This baby’s death comes after five young male children were killed by dogs.

Last month, an infant boy was killed by a family husky in Milford, Connecticut.

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Just days ago, and infant boy was killed by a family pit bull in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Mark Partain, 2-years old, and Beau Clark, 4-years old, were killed by dogs belonging to a neighbor in Alabama four days apart.

In Illinois, a 4-year old boy was killed by a family great dane — his family bred and sold great danes in a rural part of Ogle County.

This string of child deaths began on February 16, and it’s only March 13. Six child deaths in less than 30 days … READ MORE. 

HEADLINE HEALTH policy recommendations: 

  • Ban the sale of pitbull puppies; any puppies born must be given away
  • Raise licensing fees on breeding females and intact males to $1,000 per animal per year; fees used to provide no-cost spaying and neutering for other pitbulls
  • Require a kennel license to own more than two pitbulls, with an annual license fee of $2,500
  • Prohibit rescue organizations from adopting out pitbulls to anyone with children in their home 
  • The owner of any breeding female is legally and criminally responsible for any damages created by its puppies for life 
  • Off leash pitbulls not on the property of their owner will have the same legal status as coyotes 
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