Avid ice climber falls to his death, because gravity

The climber was identified as 36-year-old Kyle Allen Rott. Rott was described as a climbing enthusiast ...

FOX TV Digital, BOZEMAN, Mont. – An ice climber fell to his death while hiking in Montana.

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office said an alert was activated near Grotto Falls in Hyalite Canyon. At the same time, an eyewitness called 911 to say that an ice climber had fallen and was hurt.

The climber was identified as 36-year-old Kyle Allen Rott. Rott was described as an avid ice climber.

It’s believed Rott died accidentally caused by blunt force trauma of the head … READ MORE. 


Woman ‘Mis-Hears’ Bungee Instructor, Plunges To Her Death

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Another Death-Defying Selfie Ends In Death

Tennessee skydiver dies after landing in Wisconsin pond


Chris Kamler, June 23, 2023

THE LANDMARK, PLATTE CO., MO – There was a grocery store down the street from where I grew up called Bob’s IGA. Inside of that store was a video game called “Elevator Action.” Unlike Pac-Man or Galaga, this game required a “spy” to sneak in and out of different doors and then ride elevators to various treasure-laden floors.

If you were spotted by nefarious ne’er-do-wellers, then you simply shot them and moved on. You would get three “lives” to try to get to the top of the building and catch a helicopter. Three lives for a quarter.

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This week is fireworks week in the Midwest, and it seems important to remind everyone that you only get one life in this game:

  • Losing a finger or an eye sure sounds like a great story to tell at parties, but it’s not, really.
  • Losing your life because you wanted to light an M-80 out of your butt is an even dumber story – because it’s likely your next of kin telling it.

There’s a website devoted to recent “Darwin” award winners. The Darwins are given to those who die to allow for evolution to cull those who aren’t making the cut:

  • The site references a man who died while jumping out of his car in the middle of an automatic car wash.
  • It talks about a man who kept dangerous types of venomous snakes found in his home after being bitten by a venomous snake.
  • It mentions a wealthy man who died touring an active volcano when… you guessed it… the volcano erupted.

Money isn’t a barrier to being dumb, fortunately. But it does amplify the stupidity. A quarter used to buy me three men on Elevator Action. Now, a quarter of a million dollars bought four “explorers” a one-way trip to the bottom of the sea. Welcome to the Darwin Awards. READ MORE. 


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