At the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, rates begin at $3,143. Homeless could get in for free

Vote To Compel Hotels To House Homeless People Alongside Guests Set By Los Angeles City Council

FORBES – Cities around the world pay lip service to how valuable the travel industry is. But often it seems officials can’t wait to put their hands around the neck of the golden goose.

Recovery from the pandemic has been hard enough for the hotel industry. In Los Angeles, the industry just managed to dodge some government ‘help.’

A persistent idea is that hotels should house homeless people alongside paying guests. Such a proposal came before the LA City Council last week.

“The Responsible Hotel Ordinance would compel hotel owners to provide a count of vacancies, submit the list to the city housing department by 2PM each day, and accept ‘fair market rate’ vouchers to fill the rooms with homeless people.”

No funding source is set for the vouchers, but the Federal government is a likely candidate.

Councilman Joe Buscaino told KTLA he thought the plan was “the dumbest measure” he’s seen on the City Council. It “hurts our tourism industry, which we heavily rely on, in a time when we are getting ready for the [2028] Olympics. It puts hotel workers in a position where they will become social workers.”

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Heather Rozman, executive director of the Hotel Association of Los Angeles, told the City Council that organizers of large conferences have heard about the housing initiative and are already considering other cities.

Hotel insurance experts said insurers might raise rates or pull out. Richard Earle, a spokesman for insurance brokerage Petra Risk Solutions, told The Real Deal, “The business is underwritten with risks that involve guests and business travelers, not residents who bring a whole set of separate implications.”

After a day of hearings, the Council, perhaps swayed by a huge hotel industry turnout, voted down the initiative. But the Council then voted 12-0 to put the initiative, which had 126,000 signatures, on the ballot for March 2024.

“Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills – The rooms provide wonderful metropolitan views thanks to the building’s 12 storeys. A personal concierge is given to each visitor. With its vistas and poolside cabanas that include sunscreen, Voss water, and a dish of fresh fruit, the rooftop pool deck is a must-see. Within a two-mile radius, a Rolls Royce house vehicle provides complimentary drop-off service. If you wish to reserve a room at this hotel, the rates begin at $3,142.98.” – pursuitist.com

Interestingly, the Responsible Hotel Ordinance was supported by the hotel union, Unite Here Local 11 … READ MORE. 

Some of the common health problems that people experiencing homelessness may have include:

  • Lung diseases, including bronchitis, tuberculosis, and pneumonia.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Mental health problems.
  • Substance use problems.
  • Wounds and skin infections.

Source: Homeless Health Concerns – MedlinePlus

“The transient lifestyle of the homeless population makes them particularly vulnerable to bed bugs.” – Michigan State University Extension 

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