Alaskan Duck Fart (Yucky Name, Yummy Shot) Recipe


CHOW HOUND – Made up of coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and whiskey, it’s a potent but sweet shot that goes down easily.

As you can imagine, the mixture of the three liquors is a dangerous one — first, the sharp taste of whiskey is followed by the super-sweet flavor of Irish cream, then complemented quickly with the last few drops of coffee-flavored liqueur.

The magic in this shot (and what separates it from a white Russian) is that it is layered in a shooter glass, gently poured down the spine of a good bar spoon.

The shot takes on a surprisingly striking composition and is a perfect mix of familiar flavors.

If you don’t want to scream “duck fart” across a crowded bar, our recipe with Michelle McGlinn should help make it easy to whip up at home.

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VIDEO: How To Make The Alaskan Duck Fart

And honestly, despite the name, it’s a pretty cool party trick to try in front of friends. Who knew?

The shot only requires three ingredients that you may already have in your bar at home. First, you’ll need coffee liqueur.

It is most common to use Kahlúa, though any coffee flavored liqueur will do the trick. Next is Baileys Irish Cream, which again, can be swapped for another Irish cream liqueur but there’s hardly any reason to.

The final layer is whiskey, which is the most versatile layer as far as swaps go. Any fairly smooth, neutral-tasting whiskey will work here, but to stay authentic to the traditional Duck Fart, we recommend using Crown Royal, a Canadian whiskey.

Step 1: Pour the first layer
Pour Kahlúa into a shot glass.

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Step 2: Pour the second layer
Align a bar spoon diagonally into the glass, resting just over the Kahlúa. Pour the Irish cream over the spoon and into the drink.

Step 3: Pour the final layer
Keep the bar spoon in the same position and pour the whiskey onto the spoon and into the glass, layering over the cream.

Step 4: Serve
Serve immediately.

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