A woke judge just dealt Ron DeSantis and Florida parents a grave defeat

DESANTIS DAILY – Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law banning doctors from giving puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to kids.

As conservative parents everywhere celebrated this massive victory – things looked hopeful.

But now a woke judge just dealt Ron DeSantis and Florida parents a grave defeat.

DeSantis is determined to protect children

Gender dysphoria is real – and sometimes people truly think they are born the “wrong gender.”

But what these people need is mental health counseling by a professional who can help them understand reality – not a pro-LGBT doctor eager to give them drugs and enabling them to “complete” their “gender transition.”

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Ron DeSantis seems to agree, so he signed a bill into law that bans puberty blockers and cross-sex hormone therapy for kids.

Reuters reported “This will permanently outlaw the mutilation of minors,” DeSantis said at the bill-signing ceremony.

“I mean they’re trying to do sex change operations on minors, giving them puberty blockers and doing things that are irreversible to them,” DeSantis continued.

But just when kids were finally deemed safe from the hands of deranged “doctors” . . .

. . . a woke judge stepped in to block parts of the new law.

Woke judge claims if kids can’t get puberty blockers they’ll commit suicide

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Although studies show kids who take hormone pills and puberty blockers to “change genders” end up becoming depressed and suicidal . . .

. . . Florida Judge Robert Hinkle thinks the opposite.

He claimed that by banning puberty blockers and other “treatment” of perfectly healthy kids – they’ll become anxious and depressed.

“Banning treatment ignored risks to patients,” Hinkle ignorantly declared …



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