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Dengue fever alert issued in Florida Keys after confirmed cases

Experts say severe dengue can occur, resulting in shock, internal bleeding, and death.

Shark bites man who was boating off Florida coast, leaving him in critical condition

In 2023, Florida had 16 unprovoked shark bite incidents reported, which represents 44% of the United States total and 23% worldwide.

McDonald’s worker shoots at customers after drive-thru dispute, Florida police say

The Charlotte Observer – A customer complaint at a McDonald’s drive-thru erupted in “McMayhem” when a worker pulled a gun and started firing shots,...

In budding battle over lab-grown meat, Florida takes opening stab

CBC News – Cultured meat, meet culture war. The first rhetorical shots have just been fired in a political battle that could last years. The...

Florida abortionists squeeze in as many appointments as possible ahead of 6-week ban

In Jacksonville, a clinic called A Woman’s Choice committed around double its usual volume of abortions Monday.

Florida Man Discovers ‘Severe’ Migraines Were Caused by Tapeworm in Brain

Newsweek – A 52-year-old man in Florida has been discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment for a life-threatening tapeworm that was found in...

Florida man beaten after making fun of woman with Down syndrome

Brent George is accused of being drunk and starting a fight at a bar inside Disney's Boardwalk Inn.

How a Florida woman’s NYC selfie led to her brain tumor diagnosis

THE NEW YORK POST – Eight years ago, Megan Troutwine traveled to New York City to see her late cousin, Tony Martinez, who was...

Florida man takes on bizarre challenge of eating raw chicken every day

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida man has been chowing down on raw chicken daily in a bizarre challenge to find out if eating...

Florida men convicted in Illinois for telemarketing health insurance scheme

More than 1,400 policies were sold to victims in all 38 counties in the Southern District of Illinois, prosecutors said.

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