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U.S. Is Discarding Millions Of Doses Of Unwanted Vaccines

The federal government is working with Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers to reduce the number of doses per vial, amid growing concerns about wasted vaccines.

“One-Dose Vaccine” Maybe Wasn’t

"There's no doubt that the people who receive the J&J vaccine are less protected against disease. From the principle of taking easy steps to prevent really bad outcomes, this is really a no-brainer."

Israel To Send 1M Vaccine Doses To Palestinians

Israel said Friday it will transfer around 1 million doses of soon-to-expire coronavirus vaccines to the Palestinian Authority in exchange for a similar number of doses the Palestinians expect to receive later this year.

Millions Of Unused Vaccine Doses Set To Expire

KAISER HEALTH NEWS – The Biden administration is encouraging states to hold on to hundreds of thousands of soon-to-expire covid vaccine doses from Johnson...

Black Men Dying At Alarming Rate From Drug Overdoses

Overdose deaths in Massachusetts are rising again, with the most drastic increase in deaths occurring among Black non-Hispanic men in the state.

Vaccine Overdose Puts Woman In Emergency Room For 24 Hours

"This is something that should never happen. Unfortunately, due to our limits as human beings, as well as organizational limits, these things can happen."

CVS, Walgreens Have Wasted More Vaccine Doses Than Most States Combined

KAISER HEALTH NEWS – Two national pharmacy chains that the federal government entrusted to inoculate people against Covid-19 account for the lion’s share of...

Tot, 21 Months, Died Of Fentanyl Overdose; Third Suspect In Custody

"This is one of those investigations that truly pulls on the heartstrings of everyone, as crimes against children do," US Marshal Nick Willard said. "The US Marshals Fugitive Task Force and countless other agencies worked tirelessly to ensure that all three of these fugitives were arrested so they can be brought to justice."

Vaccine Works In One Dose, No Longer Needs Ultra-Cold Storage

FINANCIAL TIMES – The BioNTech/Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine no longer needs to be kept at ultra-low temperatures colder than the Antarctic winter, according to new...

Second Doses Have Stronger Side Effects

Some people who have received the COVID-19 vaccination report they feel ill after getting their first shot. Even more say the second shot can be followed by symptoms such as fever, fatigue, headache, and soreness at the injection site on their arm.

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