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Getting Vaccinated May Be Your Best Protection from Long COVID

A new study offers encouraging evidence that people who get vaccinated before their first COVID-19 case are at significantly lower risk of developing long-term symptoms like brain fog and fatigue, with each additional dose received prior to infection offering extra protection.

Massachusetts State Police must reinstate 7 troopers who refused to be vaccinated, arbitrator says

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts State Police must reinstate seven troopers who refused to be vaccinated for COVID-19, an independent arbitrator has ruled. The troopers have...

Should My Kid Get Vaccinated?

PARENTS – Public health experts and health organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the CDC agree that vaccines do not cause...

With Mpox at Risk of Flaring, Health Officials Advise, ‘Get Vaccinated’

Last summer, there were as many as 100 cases of mpox a day in New York City. Cases have declined sharply since then, but the virus continues to circulate.

Survey finds breakthrough COVID-19 cases occur in 7.5% of vaccinated Texans

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston – Breakthrough COVID-19 infections after vaccination occurred in 7.5% of Texans surveyed and were linked to...

Measles outbreak erupts among unvaccinated children in Ohio daycare

ARS TECHNICA Amid declining vaccination rates nationwide, an outbreak of measles has erupted this week among unvaccinated children at a childcare facility in Columbus,...

White House says unvaccinated migrants allowed in US and tennis player who isn’t are ‘two different things’

The White House sidestepped a question about why it continues to let untested and unvaccinated illegal immigrants into the United States while tennis star Novak Djokovic is not allowed to enter to play in this year's U.S. Open.

One Year Ago Today, Joe Biden Said Vaccinated Cannot Get COVID

While we all wish Joe Biden a fast and full recovery from the coronavirus, let’s not forget it was exactly one year ago — one year ago to the day — that Biden told the country the COVID vaccination would protect you from being infected.

Biden ‘Cancels’ De Santis; Florida Tots To Be Vaccinated After All

WASHINGTON (AP) — Florida doctors will be able to order COVID-19 vaccines for children under 5 from the federal government, the White House said...

Delta Air Lines Drops Surcharge For Unvaccinated Employees

Delta Air Lines has dropped a $200 per month surcharge that it had been levying against unvaccinated employees who were on the company’s health plan.

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