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Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine will cost $110-$130 per dose

AP – Pfizer will charge $110 to $130 for a dose of its COVID-19 vaccine once the U.S. government stops buying the shots, but...

Moderna Sues Pfizer, Claims mRNA Vax Infringes on Its Patents

(Headline USA) COVID-19 vaccine maker Moderna is suing Pfizer and the German drugmaker BioNTech, accusing its main competitors of copying Moderna’s technology in order...

How Pfizer Won the Pandemic, Reaping Outsize Profit and Influence

KAISER HEALTH NEWS – The grinding two-plus years of the pandemic have yielded outsize benefits for one company — Pfizer — making it both...

Whisteblower’s Lawyer: Pfizer Got Away With Vaccine Fraud Because Government Was Co-Conspirator

Clinical data scientist Brook Jackson says she emailed a complaint to the FDA, informing the agency of allegedly dangerous and shoddy research practices used in Pfizer vaccines trials, that he FDA took no action on her email, and that Pfizer continued to use the company.

Pfizer to offer low-cost medicines, vaccines to poor nations

AP – Pfizer said Wednesday that it will provide nearly two dozen products, including its top-selling COVID-19 vaccine and treatment, at not-for-profit prices in...

Medical experts question Kamala Harris’ use of Pfizer pill for COVID treatment

NEW YORK POST – Vice President Kamala Harris has said she had “no symptoms” following her COVID-19 diagnosis — but some medical experts were...

Pfizer CEO Pushes Yearly Shots for Covid. Not So Fast, Experts Say.

KAISER HEALTH NEWS – When Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said March 13 that all Americans would need a second booster shot, it struck many...

Pfizer Jabs 70% Protective Against Omicron Hospitalization

A two-dose Pfizer/BioNTech vaccination provides just 33% protection against infection by the omicron variant of the coronavirus, but 70% protection against hospitalization, according to a large-scale analysis in South Africa released Tuesday.

Studies Confirm Waning Immunity From Pfizer Vaccine

Two real-world studies published Wednesday confirm that the immune protection offered by two doses of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine drops off after two months or so, although protection against severe disease, hospitalization and death remains strong.

Pfizer Vaccine Stops Working After 6 Months

Oct 4 (Reuters) - The effectiveness of the Pfizer Inc/BioNTech SE vaccine in preventing infection by the coronavirus dropped to 47% from 88% six...

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