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11 Most Affordable Grocery Chains Right Now | Even with volatile grocery prices, you can still find big savings—if you know where to shop.

EAT THIS, NOT THAT! – Shopping at these 11 regional and national grocery chains will save you money in the long run.


The business keeps overhead low by providing 90% private-label goods with minimal marketing and simple in-store displays and decorations. Company policies also cut back on labor costs without affecting employee wages, like reducing store hours and encouraging customers to return rented shopping carts—all designed to give back savings to shoppers.


The “bargain market” has over 400 store locations on the West Coast and East Coast, and like any retail outlet, it offers discounted items by searching out excess inventory from national manufacturers and buys them for “pennies on the dollar,” according to its website.

While this means that brands and products vary depending on their overstock availability, you can’t beat the price. Consumers’ Checkbook estimated that families who spend $250 on food per week at average grocery prices would save $3,510 per year by switching to the Grocery Outlet.


This Boise-based store is located regionally in 10 states across the West and some of the Midwest, and its unique approach to cost savings means that customers can shop wholesale prices without paying an annual fee. The average family would save $3,250 per year on groceries by shopping at WinCo Foods, according to Consumers’ Checkbook.

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If you’re lucky enough to be near one of these stores, you can take advantage of low prices on a wide variety of produce, meat, seafood, salad kits, dairy, and other basics, along with additional sales on nearly expired foods, according to Business Insider. It also boasts a high-quality bakery, according to customers on Reddit. “[H]ands down the bakery is the best. Cheap and tastes great.”


Even though this island-themed grocery store with 564 locations is known for putting roots down in higher-earning neighborhoods, Trader Joe’s is still an affordable option for snacks, specialty items, and frozen or prepared foods, since the majority of its products come from its private-label brand.

A roundup of staple groceries by CNET in August 2023 found the checkout total at Trader Joe’s was 33% less expensive than the average grocery store.


With just over 90 locations in in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island, Market Basket has gained a loyal base of customers for its affordable prices and exceptional value.

A few examples: the company owns most of the store real estate, which saves on the cost of renting. It also prioritizes high turnover products enabling Market Basket to make its money on volume of sales rather than higher margins on prices.

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“From the employees to the prices to the quality of food and overall visits, Market Basket has to be the best grocery store I’ve ever shopped at. They really are more than a grocery store. They build up communities and keep prices affordable for everyone,” posted one Reddit user about this regional grocer.

“Lunch deals are insane as well – the hot food section has everything. Cheeseburger/fries for $3, large pizza slices for $2, rib dinners for $6, salads for $3. Where else can you find this??”


You can buy anything from a banana to a swimming pool at this global superstore …



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